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 Victoria BC singles scene

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   Victoria BC soul mates singles scene

Yup, it's true; at the core of our being we are eternal, immortal souls, after all - whether we believe it or not. There is even a fundamental universal law which proves it; it's the Law of "Progressive Complexity" - the law which drives all Growth and Evolution. Please forgive me for the technicalities but, if we are eternal immortal souls we should know about this - right?
Victoria BC soul mates singles

This could make all the difference to our lives, to say the least. And 'hard' science is one of the best ways of getting to the bottom of it all. So, bear with me as we traipse around a bit in the realm of science.

Anyway, this law arises simply, beautifully and very elegantly out of the nature of energy (the 1st Law of Thermodynamics). So, it's a universal, a 'cosmic' law - since the universe had its Big Bang Birth out of an "infinitesimal singularity" of pure energy - which then proceeded, right away, to condense more complex matter out of simple energy, and then started to create and drive matter to ever higher levels of Complexity; things like stars, galaxies, planets, then plants and animals, and eventually, people.

Women, by the way, do somewhat the same thing, almost every day, when they fashion a new human being, inside themselves - from the energy and matter in our food - from the infinitesimal beginning of a fertile ovum to the staggering living Complexity of a new born baby. Actually, its the same vast and immensely powerful universal law busily at work inside themselves. And most mothers know full well that there has been something going on inside themselves that they cannot even begin to comprehend - something that can make the mind boggling wonder of a living baby out of the food they eat. Well - now you know. It was the universe itself which has been, or is, at work inside yourself.

One could well call it "The Law of All Creation" since it has fashioned everything that exists - the whole astronomical Complexity of today's Cosmos - out of the original simple energy of this universe.

By now, you might well wonder what all this has to do with eternal souls. Well, everything actually. You see, a universe which has a law of Progressive Complexity deeply embedded in its very core and origin has a purpose - just like every seed contains the plan and the purpose of the fully grown organism. Our universe is therefore, a planned, a purposeful, and a designed universe. Some infinitely vast transcosmic entity has thought up, planned and designed the whole mind boggling thing - for some equally mindbogglingg purpose. And many of our best scientist agree. Einstein, "God does not play dice." Fred Hoyle, "the universe is a put-up job." Paul Davies, "the impression of design is overwhelming." Stephen Hawking, "(a complete theory) would be the triumph of reason - for then we would know the mind of God." - asf. asf. asf.

And the purpose, as so eloquently embodied in the whole fabric of Life, including our selves, is the the emergence and evolution of Life to ever higher levels of Complexity and consciousness. And where does our consciousness come from - from none other than this infinite cosmic entity itself, of course. And so does our creativity, by the way. We too go around creating things all the time - albeit only hereabouts, and on an infinitely smaller scale of course. Nevertheless, we have managed to create some pretty fancy civilisations already.

Of pure necessity, the existence of this infinite cosmic entity must transcend the comings and goings of universes. And since our consciousness is a nanoscule 'spark' of the consciousness of this infinite cosmic entity, so does ours. Our own consciousness also transcends the comings and goings of universes. We are, at the very core of our being, eternal and immortal souls after all.

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