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privacy statement Victoria BC                      only and can offer merchant over 130 first places in Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN
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privacy statement Victoria BC

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Privacy Policy Victoria BC   Privacy Statement

Our Guarantee of Complete Privacy

Information: Here at, we do not collect any information either from visitors to our web site, nor from our customers - other than the information supplied to us to serve our customers advertising accounts. This information is strictly and totally confidential, and will never be used for anything else than servicing the customer's advertising account; period.

Security: All customer account information is stored on a separate, non Internet-connected computer, and is, therefore, impossible to 'hack'. If such information is received over the Internet it is immediately transferred to the non Internet-connected computer, and erased from the Internet connected computers. Furthermore, this information is available only to our accounting staff and senior management personnel, and to no one else.

Data Tracking: tracks only the traffic statistics to our web site - all of which are totally anonymous. We track the number of visitors, for instance, but there is no way of telling who it is; and we do not want to know.

"Cookies:" does not place any 'cookies' on visitors computers, or collect any information from any 'cookies' in any way, shape or form. Your privacy is total.

Mailing Lists: does not maintain any mailing lists. The mailing addresses of our customers are only used to contact our customers in regard to their accounts with us - and for nothing else, period. Such mailing addresses are strictly and totally confidential, and will never be disclosed to buyers of mailing lists or any other parties or interests whatsoever.

Links to other Web Sites: does display links to other sites as part of our business. Be aware that the privacy policies of these other web sites may differ from our own, and that we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of such other Web sites, either directly or indirectly.

100% Family Orientation: is totally dedicated to the family, and family values, and does not, nor will not, carry any offensive, discriminatory or sexually oriented content. The 'raciest' items on may be the occasional 'slinky' dress or womens wear item - as advertised by our customers.

Privacy Violation: If you have any evidence of privacy violation, please contact the founder and Chief Executive at these addresses:

Peter H. Weis
Phone: (250) 382 - 1934
Email: [email protected]

Mailing address: Web Services
#16 - 1498 Admirals Road
Victoria, BC
V9A 2R1

Privacy Policy - Victoria BC

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