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natural West Nile virus and Cryptococcus protection - health and fitness Victoria BC

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natural West Nile virus and Cryptococcus protection - health and fitness Victoria BC


Powerful West Nile Virus & Cryptococcus Protection

powerful West Nile virus protection
Most people by far who become infected with the West Nile virus "fight it off without even knowing they were infected, while a small minority suffer flu-like symptoms such as aches and fever".

"Only one per cent suffer encephalitis - inflammation of the brain that can cause fever, headaches, stiffness, confusion and muscle weakness - and only five per cent of these suffer long-term consequences, or even death." said Dr. Colin D'Cunha, Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Province of Ontario, August 30. 2002.

That the great majority of people never know that they have been infected, that a small minority develop just flu-like symptoms, and that only a very few develop more severe symptoms, is clear proof that the immune systems of most people, by far, quickly and effectively defeat this virus.

Exactly the same holds true for Cryptococcal disease, a rare fungal infection caused by the spores of a tree fungus, that can affect the lungs and nervous system. In some cases, the infection can lead to swelling of the lining of the brain. "The disease and the cryptococcus fungus appear across the world. Most people are exposed to some variety of the fungus at some point in their life but never develop serious symptoms", writes Dr. Murray Fyfe, BC Centre for Disease Control, "less than 3 cases are reported per 100,000 people per year on Vancouver Island." (Also CTV news, September 6. 2002).

It is clear that most people have highly effective immune systems which protects them against both diseases, that some people have a somewhat effective immune system, and that a few have an inadequate immune system.

Since the genetic diversity of the immune people is far to great, any genetic cause is ruled out completely. This leaves nutrition - and there are excellent reasons why.

ALL OF NATURE operates with about 84 elements, which includes about 72+ natural trace elements. Except our modern chemical agriculture - which monitors and maintains only a paltry 8 (eight !!!) trace elements in its soils, hence in all of its products, and hence again, in our daily food. Consequently, there is a long standing and large trace elements deficiency in our daily food, and consequently again, in the general population. See SUPREME HEALTH in these pages for the whole story.

Now then, the only readily available food which still contains the complete natural spectrum of the 72+ natural trace elements is seafood - any kind of seafood - since the seas contain all the elements and trace elements of the Earth in solution.

And here is the chief reason (there are a few others, the trace element content of their drinking water and imported food among them) why most people don't even know that they have been infected. The full spectrum of the 72+ trace elements in their customary nutrition - which includes fairly frequent seafood, like Tuna fish or sardines for instance - keeps their immune system in top notch shape. Others, who seldom eat seafood, will have a compromised immune system, and come down with flu-like symptoms. Others again, who never eat seafood, and have no other source of food containing the 72+ trace elements, will come down with the full blown disease.

Here then, we also have the simple natural dietary routine which will keep you - like most people by far - completely immune to both diseases. It is as simple as a daily helping of seafood - any kind of seafood - and/or two or more capsules of fish oil, both of which have many other great health benefits as well (see HEALTH NEWS in these pages).

As a bonus, you also won't have to worry about breast cancer, prostate cancer, a lot of other cancers, and a whole raft of 'incurable', degenerative and auto-immune diseases.

However, and as supremely effective as the daily seafood routine is, it is only a temporary solution. There is not anywhere near enough seafood on this planet to provide everyone with a daily serving of seafood. Only the re-establishment of the complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements in all agricultural soils, and hence in all of its products, is the only valid and long-term solution.

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