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Non Toxic Head Lice Remedy

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In a letter to the editor in December's (2005) Journal of Pediatrics, Dr. Pearlman revealed his non-toxic head lice remedy and the formerly "secret" lotion which apparently proves highly effective against head lice.

Turns out that the lotion was the non toxic skin cleanser "Cetaphil" which is readily available over the counter in all drugstores here and abroad. And the method is a simple as can be. "Cetaphil" is rubbed into completely dry hair - it's important that the hair is totally dry - and distributed evenly and all around with a comb.

This coats hair, lice and nits with the cleansing lotion. The hair is then dried thoroughly with a hair dryer. This effectively dries and virtually bakes the lotion onto both lice and nits. The dried lotion is then left in the hair for at least 8 hours. This kills both lice and knits. The hair can then be washed and combed out with a fine tooth metal comb, to remove the dead lice and nits. This procedure is repeated after 8 days, in case any nits survived, or reinfection from bedding, clothing, combs etc, occurred.

And that is all there is to it. A simple and highly effective non toxic lotion and procedure against head lice.

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