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Advice For Mothers

Advice for Mothers - important nutritional advice for mothers and pregnant women

Here is very important nutritional advice for mothers and pregnant women. As it now turns out, women - due to their far more complex hormonal system and child bearing functions - are far more at risk from chemical pollution and contamination than men.

Fortunately, and thank God, there are still many things a mother, or a prospective mother can do to ensure the supreme health of herself, her baby, her children and her family.

And always remember, what may be a tolerable dose for the large body mass of an adult, is an immense dose for an embryo or foetus, and a huge dose for children. Today, all tolerance levels for chemicals and pollutants are still calculated for the relatively large body mass of adults, which leaves our children at much greater risk.

Check this page periodically as it will be updated as new information becomes available.

A Daily Serving of Seafood

Since all of our agriculturally grown food is now severely deficient in over 60 crucially vital trace elements, a serving of at least 4 oz. (125 grams) of seafood every day is absolutely essential to ensure the supreme health of a gestating, or new baby, or of children [ see SUPREME HEALTH in a new window in www.truehealth.org ]. To make it easier - and even better - it would be best to spread this over the whole day, with a bit of seafood included in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides allowing for greater variety, it also allows the body to use the trace elements to best advantage.

And when the daily seafood routine is begun at least 3 months before initiating a pregnancy, many birth defects can be prevented as well (see "Symptoms of Zinc Deficiencies in Rats" in REFERENCES in a new window in www.truehealth.org).


As far as mercury pollution of fish is concerned, this is a complex and intricate story. Let it be said here for now that all of the smaller fish - like sardines, mackerel, herring, salmon, cod, asf. contain the least mercury and are safe to eat - while the largest fish contain the most mercury and should be avoided. The reason is that small fish are eaten by larger fish, and larger fish by yet larger fish, resulting in the accumulation of the highest mercury levels in the largest fish.

The problem is that we get by far most of the mercury in our bodies from breathing - from breathing in the mercury produced by coal fired generating, smelting and manufacturing plants. And the second highest source of mercury are dental mercury amalgam fillings. If we could avoid these two sources, the mercury in fish should be no problem whatsoever.

No Farmed Salmon, Tuna and Oysters!

[Update January 2004] A recent study has found that salmon raised in fish farms has an up to 10 times higher content of PCBs and Dioxins [see AVOID FARMED SALMON in "Health News" in a new window in www.truehealth.org ]. Also, avoid tuna fish, any kind of shark meat, and oysters. According to many tests, tuna fish and shark also contain high levels of PCBs, and oysters have been found to contain high levels of cadmium, which is said to cause high blood pressure.

No Non-Pharmaceutical 72 Trace Element Supplements!

And do not even think of taking any of the non-pharmaceutical 72+ trace element supplements since these also contain the heavy metals. And while this is not nearly as bad as it sounds - the latest research shows that we even need miniscule traces of the heavy metals - but we are getting too much of these from environmental pollution and contamination already. And what is a miniscule dose to the large body mass of a fully grown adult is a huge overdose for the very small body mass of an embryo, foetus, baby or child.

So, don't even consider any of these non-pharmaceutical dietary supplements. Your baby will get enough of the heavy elements from the seafood you eat - either in utero, or from your mother's milk. After that, you'll have to figure out a way of getting the daily amount of seafood into your children. Fish oil capsules also contain the complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements, but you'd have to eat a lot of them (about 125) to equal the minimum of 4 oz. (125 grams) of seafood daily. The same goes for seaweed.

And do not worry about pollution in seafood, other than mentioned next. It's too late for that now, and we cannot get away from it anymore - the whole world is polluted now. But most seafood - with the exception of seafood from heavily polluted coastal waters - is the least polluted of all of our food. For one, it is not doused with poisons like all of our agriculturally produced food.

Pharmaceutical Dietary Supplements

Some pharmaceutical nutritional trace element supplements are now available in drug stores which also contain all of the recently discovered trace elements (such as chromium, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, silicon, tin and vanadium) for a total of 17 - which is more than double the number of trace elements maintained in agriculture - but still far short of the 72+ trace elements we need. But it's a good beginning.

These trace element supplements are highly recommended for everyone, and particularly so because they also contain folic acid and vitamin B12, both of which are extremely vital to our health, but appear to be very deficient in our daily nutrition. These nutritional supplements come in the form of "29 Vitamin & Mineral" supplements - among them "Centrum", "Century", "Spectrum", "Optimum" and "Balance".

And since too much of the trace elements can be as deadly as too little, never ever exceed the daily recommended dose. In the case of the trace elements, more is NOT better.

No Plastics!

Do NOT, under any circumstances, use any form of plastic in food preparation for at least 3 months before initiating a pregnancy, while pregnant, while nursing, and in the food preparation for your children and family.

It took a simple question by 12 year-old Claire Nelson - "can cancer-causing particles seep into food covered with household plastic wrap while it is being microwaved?" - to establish the fact that not only cancer-causing particles, but also "xenoestrogens" migrate from the plastic into the food during microwaving. And the amounts are alarming; she found between 200 and 500 parts per million, massively exceeding the The FDA standard of 0.05 parts per billion.

Young Claire Nelson was awarded the American Chemical Society's top science prize for students while she was a junior. Last year (1999), she placed fourth in the International Science and Engineering Fair in Fort Worth, Texas. Her findings were also published as a one-paragraph summary in several science journals. For the whole story see HEALTH ALERT - PLASTIC in a new window in www.truehealth.org.

"Xenoestrogens" - chemicals which mimic the female hormone estrogen - have been implicated in causing low sperm count in men and breast cancer in women. And since the bodies of grown men be changed to the female form - including a full set of breast - with a daily dose of estrogen, I would not be the least surprised if these xenoestrogens feminize male children - and 'super-feminize' female children.

They are also a most likely cause of the progressively earlier onset of menarche among girls. The untold tragedy is that at the onset of menarche, the focus of growth shifts from the development of the brain to the development of the reproductive functions in both boys and girls.

Until about 50 years ago, menarche had arrived progressively later, and as late as at the age of 17. This allowed many more years of brain development. However, since then, menarche has come earlier and earlier, and now stands at the age of 11 on the average - and as low as 8 years. It makes one wonder at what age menarche would have come now - without all of the chemicals in our food and environment.

So, do not, under any circumstances use any plastics in food preparation. Do not use plastic baby bottles for feeding your baby, and do not use plastic dishes, glasses and cutlery, for serving food, do not use plastic containers to store food, use glass jars (pickle, jam jars, etc.) instead, and do not use plastic cutting boards. The missing plastic of the slight depression which develops in all well used cutting boards has gone into your food. You've eaten it. Use wooden cutting boards instead.

Also, avoid all plastic toys, and especially those that babies can put in their mouth.

No Aluminum Pots and Pans

Originally the first suspected cause of Alzheimer's disease was aluminum - due to far too much aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer victims. This was superceded by the malformed beta amyloid protein theory, but too much aluminum in our environment as the culprit (also from chiefly from breathing in suspended aluminum particles in our air), is now coming to the fore again. In any case, the aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer victims should not be there. So, chuck out all your aluminum pots and pans and get stainless steel (made from iron, chrome, nickel, carbon, manganese, silicone, phosphorus - all needed by our bodies), cast iron, or ceramic coated cookware.

No Teflon Coated Pots and Pans

Bird lovers have long known that birds fall over dead when a Teflon pan is accidentally burned on the stove (see www.exoticbird.com/teflon.html). Teflon contains perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). These compounds, which industry prizes for their ability to repel water and stains, show up in everything from rugs and furniture treated with Scotchguard to Teflon pots, pans, waffle irons, baking sheets, Goretex camping gear and certain types of dental floss. Responding to health concerns, 3M stopped using PFOS in 2000, but DuPont still manufactures PFOA at a plant in West Virginia [ see "Our Bodies, Ourselves" in these pages ].

It is estimated that 90 percent of Americans have these chemicals in their blood. They are of special concern because women and girls accumulate them at much higher levels than men. PFOS affects the thyroid gland and causes early onset of puberty in animals. It also causes birth defects and high infant death rates in rats. PFOS and PFOA are perhaps the most persistent chemicals ever found in the environment.

No Pesticides!

Do Not, under any circumstances, use any pesticides in your home and gardens. In October, 1996 CNN broadcast the results of a study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency which had documented the fact that the level of lawn and garden herbicides, fungicides and insecticides in indoor carpets are from 10 to 100 times higher than they are outdoors.

This study found that these herbicides and insecticides are carried inside on shoes and on pets, and readily accumulate in carpets. A substantial contributing factor to the excessively high levels of herbicides and pesticides in carpets is that these pesticides are not degraded by sunlight, ultraviolet light and rain, and therefore persist in indoor carpets far longer than they do outdoors. See see CARPET HEALTH HAZARD in "Health Tips" in these pages)

Here again, a minor dose for a fully grown adult is a huge dose for the small and very small. Another news item on May 27. 2000 concerned the fact that home and garden pesticides and herbicides are now strongly implicated in harming the health of our children, and specifically in childhood leukemia and Attention Deficit Disorder ( CTV National News, May 27. 2000 ).

Avoid Corn, Head Lettuce, and Produce from Mexico

Avoid all corn, corn oil, and corn products (chips), as well as all head lettuce. Both are tender crops and require much spraying with the whole spectrum of pesticides, fungicides, bactericides and herbicides, and are often sprayed at intervals of as little as every 4 days. For the whole macabre story see CORN POISONING and LETTUCE POISONING in a new window in www.truehealth.org.

Further, and although long banned in the US, Canada and Europe, DDT is still legal in Mexico and freely used there.

Avoid Canola Oil and All Food Containing Canola Oil.

Actually, only genetically modified canola oil needs to be avoided. Monsanto has developed a genetically modified variety of canola called "Round-Up Ready". This variety can withstand higher doses of Round-Up, a potent agricultural poison. Since the US and Canada do not require the labelling of genetically modified food, we have no way of telling which is genetically modified canola, and which is not. So, our only course is to avoid all canola oil. Use sunflower oil or olive oil instead. Both are very hardy plants and do not require any agricultural poisons in their production.

No Distilled Water

Do not drink distilled water. The distillation process leaves all trace elements behind, and we are getting far too few of them already.

Eat Organic

Organic growers grow their crops without agricultural poisons and chemical fertilizers. "Eating organic" eliminates the ingestion of the agricultural poisons and their residues on and in our food. Still, the organic growers are as yet also unaware that we need far more than the 8 known trace elements in our daily nutrition. So, and although far healthier for us than all non-organic fruit and produce, organic produce is not a substitute for the daily seafood nutritional routine.

Eat Lots of Vegetables, Fruit and Nuts

Human dentition is typical, and ideally suited, for a species which is nourished by approximately 65% vegetable matter, and about 35% meat. So, eat lots of greens, fruit and vegetables, and the 'darker' the better. All the dark and deeply coloured fruit and vegetables contain high levels of anti-oxidants - the compounds which guard against cancer.


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