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seaweed helps acne


Seaweed Helps Acne

seaweed helps pimples, acne
This story, that a seaweed ointment helps pimples and acne needs to be taken with a little grain of salt, since it amounts to nothing more than a manufacturers hopeful press release. Far more effective is including a serving of seafood in one's daily nutrition. Still, this story illustrates, once more, the great value of the 72+ natural trace elements in our metabolism.

Original Abstract:

Seaweed Could End Angst for Pimply Teenagers

PARIS - It's red, smelly, grows in the sea -- and it could spell the end of hours of angst in front of the mirror for teenagers stricken by pimples or dandruff. A company on a tiny island off western France has stumbled across the special powers of a common seaweed which it says can combat two of the scourges of adolescent life.

"It's not a miracle cure but it can make spots more manageable and less visible," said Jean-Yves Moigne, director of cosmetics and nutritional products maker Algue et Mer by telephone from Ile d'Ouessant, off the coast of Brittany.

The seaweed will also hold off dandruff completely with regular use, he told Reuters on Tuesday. Moigne discovered the cure by accident after he spent weeks shifting tons of the fertile seaweed, and then spent six years developing it. "One day I was so fed up with it I decided to analyze it to see if it was any use for anything," Moigne said. "We found anti-bacterial molecules...and when we tested it against dandruff and acne we found it was very effective."

The molecules that nestle inside the tough tendrils of the asparagopsis algae are so potent that 2.2 pounds will make one ton of spot cream, Moigne said. He said his five-strong company had patented the ingredient in Europe, the United States and Japan and hoped it would hit the market in the second half of next year. [ Reuters, Oct. 30. 2001 ]


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