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how to take a pill


How To Take a Pill

how to take a pill
Most people tilt their head back when taking a pill, thinking that this will clear a passage to their esophagus. This is actually the most dangerous way to take a pill, since this also opens the trachea where the pill could cut off the ability to breathe - and often dangerously so - and especially so for children with their much smaller tracheas.

Tilting the head back is what medical emergency personel do to open the airway when something - like a pill - has gone down "the wrong tube".

Tilting the head forward, until it almost touches the chest, is the safest way to take a pill, either with our without liquid. This way the pill cannot get into the trachea - and it also greatly reduces the likelyhood of gagging. Make sure that all your loved ones and friends know this. It prevents what could easily be a tragedy. [SOURCE: MEDSCAPE]


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