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a natural remedy for athletes foot


A Natural Remedy for Athletes Foot

A good friend of mine has just told me that he has discovered a great natural remedy for Athletes Foot. After having been bothered by Athletes Foot for 10 years, and tried everything there is on the market without much success, he's come up with his own idea, and to his great joy, it works like a charm.

Having heard that oregano oil has anti-viral properties, and being a faithful visitor to this web site, he thought he would try sea salt as well, for the same reason, as well as for all the trace elements in sea salt.

He told me that he first rubs oregano oil between his toes, and then dusts them lightly with fine sea salt. And he says, with much delight, that there has been an immediate and very dramatic improvement, far better than anything else he has ever tried, and he's looking forward to finally getting rid of this bothersome problem.


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