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sore throat relief


Sore Throat Relief

The very sore throat associated with postnasal drip can be relieved by taking a teaspoon of a liquid antacid before going to sleep. It is extremely important not to "wash it down" by drinking anything because the antacid is meant to coat the serosal layer.

This coating works by neutralizing the acidic mucus as it drips down during sleep -- and also neutralizes the acid in the stomach that sometimes causes morning nausea during a sinus infection. The antacid also makes the throat less sore.

Caution: Avoid antacids containing aluminium at all costs. All Alzheimer's victims have been found to have much aluminium in their brains. And while current research centers upon amyloid proteins, aluminium is strongly implicated in the cause of Alzheimer's.

Information courtesy of Medscape, May 8. 2000


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