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A Cure for Headache

Headaches come in six flavours; hunger headaches, 'ice cream' headaches, 'hangover' headaches, injury headaches, 'common' headaches, and migraine headaches. We can get rid of all of these, except the hangover and injury headaches. In those cases, all we can do is take aspirins and let Nature take its course.

But we can get rid of all the others easily. In the case of hunger and 'ice cream' headaches, the solution is simple. Avoid working long and hard without eating, and don't eat too much ice cream all at once. And getting rid of common and migraine headaches takes a bit longer but is almost as easy. But the beauty of it is that you can get rid of them forever.

I used to have the common type of headaches almost daily, and at least one terrible migraine headache per week, for over twenty years. Aspirin and Bufferin were my constant companions, and I'd never go anywhere without them. I also knew, albeit dimly, that these headaches are, somehow, self-inflicted via stress or tension, or something like that - although I never felt particularly stressed or under tension.

One day, and I was over 40 by then, when I felt the usual headache coming on, I thought I would try and do something about it. It was simple. What I did was to check the 'state' of my mind just before the headache came on, and although it was nothing 'unusual', I decided to change it; to think of something else, something pleasant, something positive, something peaceful.

It worked. I did not get my usual headache that day. The next time - in my case the next day - when I felt a headache coming on as usual, I checked out my 'state of mind' just before the onset of the headache again, found it to be the same as the other day, and simply changed my state of mind again. And again, no headache.

This went on for about two weeks, maybe a month, but with a much reduced incidence of headaches. During this time I started to recognize the 'state of mind' which would trigger a headache when it came about, and simply changed my state of mind right away.

And then the neatest thing happened, and I cannot say when, because it's so long ago now. Avoiding the state of mind which triggered my headaches had, somehow, quickly become habitual, and 'second nature'. Not only had the headaches disappeared, but I did not get into the "state of mind" that caused headaches either!

And other than perhaps two or three hunger headaches in all that time, I haven't had a headache in over 15 years now.

Recognizing the 'state of mind' which causes headaches is a very subtle thing. It is, after all, one's own mind, and we probably think that we have very good reason to be in that state of mind, and few of us ever question our state of mind at all. But identifying that particular state of mind - although it is quite subtle, since it's 'normal' for us - is actually quite easy to do. The trick, though, is not to analyze or dwell on that state of mind; that just makes it worse. Just get rid of that state of mind, change it to something 'innocent', something innocuous - just relax and 'let it go' - and the headache won't happen.

After doing this a few times, avoiding that particular state of mind becomes habitual and 'second nature'. And you'll be rid of these headaches forever - and without ever 'doing' anything.


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