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two foods to avoid


Two Foods to Avoid

2 ears of corn

Corn is a tender plant, and is heavily sprayed - on the average of every 10 days. Corn, like cotton, is subject to many plant diseases, as well as many insect pests. In addition, it is generally grown on bare ground, in order to prevent competition for nutrients by weeds. For this reason, the ground is also drenched with herbicides - beginning before it is seeded. I have attached the the agricultural CORN GROWING RECOMMENDATIONS here. It is enough to make one's hair stand on end. Organically grown corn is fine though.

Head lettuce, or "iceberg" lettuce is also a very tender plant, and also suffers from many diseases and insect pests. For these reasons all head and iceberg lettuce crops are heavily and often sprayed. I have attached the agricultural LETTUCE GROWING RECOMMENDATIONS here as well.
head lettuce in the field

Again, it's a hair raising horror story. And all organically grown head lettuce is just fine as well. All leaf, and loose-leaf lettuces, such as romaine lettuce, bibb, buttercrunch, and so forth, are hardy and insect resistant plants, and generally require no spraying at all. They are also far more nutritious.

Best of all, the deep and dark green lettuces contain high levels of flavenoids - and the darker green the lettuce, the higher the levels of flavenoids. Flavenoids are the anti-occidants now widely recognized as potent cancer inhibitors. This is true of all deep and dark green, as well as red and deep red vegetables and fruit, such as tomatoes, red cabbage, red beets, red grapes, blueberries, cranberries and so forth. If given a choice, go for colour, and the deeper the better. And if they are organically grown, even better yet.

Avoid corn oil as much as possible as well. It bears the same heavy burden of agricultural poisons. The best alternatives are olive oil and sunflower oil. The olive tree is an extremely hardy tree - trees dating from the first century are known and still as productive as ever - and, best of all, olive oil doesn't contains any 'bad' cholesterol. Sunflowers are also very hardy and generally require no spraying at all. Sunflower oil is also extremely nutritious. It is so nutritionally 'well rounded' that one could live on sunflower seeds alone.


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