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the best burn remedy


The Best Burn Remedy of All

the best burn remedy This is a picture of my Aloe vera - the best burn remedy of all - and bar none - however uninspiring it may appear. But what the Aloe vera lacks in good looks it makes up a thousand-fold with its almost magical healing power. Its gel, taken from a split-open leaf and applied to a burn, not only brings immediate and beautifully cool relief to any burn, but speeds up the healing process tremendously.

But it has to come from a living plant. Aloe vera compounds sold in drugstores just do not have that same healing power. Every household should have at least one Aloe vera, and with kids, two or more of this best burn remedy of all.

Two kinds of Aloe vera are commonly available. One is a slow growing plant with a handful of big strapping leaves - which is fine for one or two-person households. The other has a multitude of small leaves, and is a lighter green with small pale yellowish speckles. One or two of these faster growing plants are perfect for households with children - depending upon the number of people in the household.

And they are extremely easy to take care of. Just give this best burn remedy of all plenty of light - it's a desert plant and loves full sun - and let it be. Aloes fare best in poor, stony soil, and since they store water in their leaves, they can go for months without water. In the summer, water an Aloe vera only after the soil has become dry; and in the winter - September to March - even less, and only to prevent shrivelling of the leaves.

Many years ago, I fell through the joists while working on a new house. The fall scraped off a broad swatch of the surface of my skin from my right knee right to the hip. Fortunately we had a good size Aloe vera plant in the house, and knowing its powerful healing qualities, I tried out the gel from a couple of leaves on this extensive wound. In a couple of days my leg was as good as new - as if it never happened. And there is nothing better for burns in this world than the Aloe vera.


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