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two natural air purifiers


Two Natural Air Purifiers

a first class natural air purifier
the handsome Spider plant

Every time we turn any kind of electrical device on or off - and this includes light switches - or plug it in or out, this causes a tiny electrical spark. And all motorized appliances - such as mixers and vacuum cleaners - spark continuously at the motor when they are running. These tiny sparks carry sufficient energy to fuse a few molecules of the nitrogen and water in our air into formaldehyde - the well known embalming fluid.

Consequently, formaldehyde is a very pervasive air pollutant in all of our indoor environments, and more so, in all all offices - due to the wealth of electric equipment in offices. And this is not at all good for us, and especially so for babies and small children at home. Due to their much smaller size, any given pollutant level in the air is a much larger factor for them, and a much greater threat to their health and well being than to much larger adults.

Fortunately for us, many indoor house plants absorb formaldehyde from the air, and convert it back to harmless nitrogen and water. But some house plants absorb formaldehyde far better than others. And by far the best of the bunch are the common and handsome "Spider Plant" (Chlorophytum comosum), and the equally common and handsome "Golden Photos", also known as "Devil's Ivy" (Scindapsus varigatum).
Golden Photos, hardy and handsome
the handsome golden Photos

These natural air purifiers will clear an average room of formaldehyde in 3.5 and 4 hrs. respectively. Best of all, both of these all time favourites are extremely hardy and undemanding. Even the most horticulturally-challenged person can - other than neglecting them altogether - grow them

Many years ago, we moved from the old farm house to the better house late in October. It was not until after Christmas that we went to retrieve some curtain rods from the old attic bedroom. And lo and behold, there was a forgotten Spider plant hanging by the window. Mind you, and after two months of total neglect in an old unheated house, it was in truly bad shape. But it was still alive, if just barely - and it came back and thrived in no time flat. I had no idea that the Spider plant has this kind of amazing stamina.

These, among such other natural air purifiers, also remove Benzene (in inks, oils, paints, plastics and rubber - and a leukemia causing suspect), as well as Tricholoethyline (in inks, paints, lacquers, varnishes and adhesives - a potent liver carcinogen). Formaldehyde is also present in grocery bags, facial tissues, paper towels, particle board and natural gas.

Allow at least one mature plant per 10'-0 x10'-0 room, and at least one mature plant per 100 sq. feet in offices.
Data courtesy of NASA research for purifying space craft living environments 1990


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