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A Natural Remedy for Cancer


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It is true. This is the most powerful breakthrough discovery of our time!
The 72 natural trace elements in all seafood are a powerful and highly effective natural remedy for cancer, arthritis, MS, leukemia and many other 'incurable' diseases. This has now been proven over and over again by dozens of recent discoveries in the biomedical sciences
(see HEALTH NEWS in these pages).


The author of this web site had been invited by the University of Geneva on behalf of the International Society on System Science in Health Care [ISSSHC] to present a poster entitled

"The quick and highly effective cure and prevention of many cancers, many incurable physiological, neurological, cardiovascular, late-onset, auto-immune, degenerative and chronic diseases, influenza, many allergies and birth defects, by natural nutritional means" - at


ICSSHC - International Health Conference  Geneva 2004
author and poster at the Geneva Health Conference

The only reason this discovery has been accepted by this world-class mainstream health conference is that is has been found to work as stated. This acceptance at the highest international level of formal academic health sciences marks

a major milestone and turning point in the health sciences.

Now scientists all over the world can conduct controlled trials, confirm this discovery, and soon your family doctor will know about it. And the healing of humanity will begin.

My [invited] proposal for this poster had passed the close scrutiny by the Programme Committee, consisting of top medical researchers in 38 countries, and then again by the Scientific Committee, consisting of 11 Professors of Medicine at 4 Universities -

[ see www.unige.ch/formcont/icsshc/organisation_en.html ].

I had also informed the Canadian Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Canadian Television [CTV] of the existence of this powerful, quick and highly effective cure for many cancers and many other 'incurable' diseases. To date, none have chosen to make this information public, nor to act on it.


The reason why the daily seafood diet is such a powerful remedy for many kinds of cancer and so many 'incurable' diseases is very simple. All seafood contains - like all completely natural food - the complete natural range of the 72 trace elements, also commonly called trace minerals.

In deadly contrast, our modern agriculture knows of and maintains only a paltry eight (8 !!!) trace elements in its soils, hence in all of its products, and hence again, in our daily food.

Due to this vast ignorance and 150 year-long neglect by our modern agriculture, over 60 vitally important trace elements have now become either severely deficient, or entirely absent in agricultural soils, and hence in our daily food.

And this lack of so many trace elements in our daily food is the cause of many, many diseases, including many kinds of cancer and many 'incurable' diseases.

Today, the most readily and most widely available food which still contains the complete natural range of the 72 trace elements is seafood - any kind of seafood. And a daily dietary routine which includes at least 4 oz. (125 grams) of seafood is a very powerful and highly effective remedy for cancer and a wide range of diseases - all the way from arthritis to 'zits", and including breast cancer, prostrate cancer, leukemia, many neurological and cardiovascular diseases, as well as most of the "late onset" and auto-immune diseases.

Suffering from arthritis, gout, diabetes, thyroid disorders, lupus, leukemia, Edema, Lou Gehrig's disease, MS, herpes, Kaposi's sarcoma, vascular and/or neural diseases, cholesterol diseases, prostate, colon, rectal, breast or lung cancer, even colds, the flu, hay fever or other allergies?

We can now actually go ahead and rid ourselves of these and many other diseases and cancers just by including one or more servings of seafood in our daily nutrition - as shown by a rapidly growing body of very recent biomedical research (see HEALTH NEWS in these pages).

Here is the story in a nutshell; for all the in's and out's of it all, and all of the crucially important details, see the WHOLE STORY in these pages.

Due to the emergence and 3.5 billion year (for 7/8 of its current span) evolution of Life in the seas - which have always contained, and still do, the complete range of the 84 natural elements of the of the Earth - Life has incorporated all of these elements into the metabolism and immune functions of all living things, right from its beginning. Consequently, all living things, including our selves, are totally dependent upon the presence of at least 72 trace elements in their daily food for their health and well being.

In deadly contrast, our modern agriculture knows of and maintains only 8 (eight !!!) trace elements in its soils, hence in all of its products, and hence again, in practically all of our daily food. Due to this vast ignorance and 150 year-long neglect, well over 60 vitally important trace elements have now become either severely deficient, or entirely absent in all chemically farmed soils, and hence, in practically all of our daily food.

This large and severe deficiency of over 60 trace elements (also commonly called "minerals") in our daily food is the cause of many diseases, including many so-called 'incurable' diseases and many cancers (see CANCER COMPARISON ). We can thank our agricultural and biomedical sciences - which have perpetuated a 150 year-old ignorance of the trace elements as unquestionable academic wisdom - for most of the autoimmune, chronic, degenerative, neural and mental diseases and cancers which plague us now, diseases which have caused untold suffering and killed hundreds of millions of people long before their time.

Today, the only readily available food which still contains the complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements is seafood. Any kind of seafood - including seaweed. Due to the presence of the 84 natural elements in the sea in solution, ALL seafood still contains complete range of the 72+ trace elements without which we sicken and die.

And a daily serving of at least 4 ounces (125 grams) of seafood, for the average person, will prevent and get rid of many of these diseases, including many cancers. But it has to be on a daily basis - since this is the absolute minimum amount (the 72+ trace elements should be in all of our food) - and otherwise it will not work. Also, since all of the trace elements of the Earth have always been present in the seas and, with the odd local exception, in all soils, the ability to retain the trace elements was never necessary, and has therefore never evolved (with the exception of the retention of a bit of copper in the substantia nigra of our brains, for our sanity).

Due to the constant renewal of the proteins and cells of our bodies, we need a constant supply of the 72+ trace elements for the normal function of our metabolism and immune systems. Our bodies make about 2 billion new red blood cells every day, for instance. For the same reason, it also takes about 3 months before one or several diseases are eliminated.

Here is why. Since the average protein in our bodies last about 100 days, it will take 100 days before a 'defective' protein lacking one or more of the many missing trace elements, is replaced by a normal 'sound' protein. Consequently, it takes about 100 days before all the defective proteins in our bodies are replaced with 'good' ones.

Consequently, the healing process is rather slow and gradual, and almost unnoticeable from day to day - just, and exactly, as growing was unnoticeable from day to day when we were young. In a way, it is less noticeable than growing, because there is no difference in size. Moreover, the gradual and almost unnoticeable improvement of one day becomes the base, in the way we feel, for the next day - and so forth, and so forth, and so forth - making the whole process quite unnoticeable, until we suddenly realize, after some weeks, that we are a whole lot better, and after a few months, healed.

Another, and related aspect is that modern medicines - like Aspirin - have accustomed us to expecting relief after a few minutes. This is not the case with the trace elements. The trace elements work at the cause of the many diseases and cancers caused by trace element deficiencies - slowly and patiently replacing defective proteins and cells day by day with sound ones, as we get the necessary trace elements from seafood - whereas our modern medicines are aimed at and alleviate only the symptoms.

A very strong caution is necessary here. The high salt content of seafood can be deadly to people with high blood pressure and other salt sensitivities. These people should never, under any circumstances, adopt the daily seafood diet. As it is, the reduction of salt intake from all other sources is a very good idea for everyone adopting this dietary routine.

At present, and since the biomedical sciences are just 'waking up' to the fact that we need far more than the eight known trace elements, there are no formulated pharmaceutical 72+ trace element supplements. However, there are many non-pharmaceutical 72+ trace element supplements - derived from all kinds of sources, such as seaweed, ancient rocks, fossilized fauna, even ancient soil, or the mineral remnants of archaic seas - made by people who have noticed the same powerful healing effects.

And while these supplements work to some degree, seafood is far, far better since it also contains the vitally important Omega-3 fatty acids and other important biological compounds - whereas the dietary 72+ trace element supplements only contain the raw trace elements. Moreover, the 72+ natural trace elements in seafood have been assembled and assimilated by these marine organisms in the form, proportions and combinations which are best for us.

And while 'organic' foods are highly recommended as well, for their freedom from agricultural poisons, even the organic growers are not as yet aware that we need far more than the known 8 trace elements for our health and well being. Consequently, all organic food is presently just as deficient in over 60 crucially vital trace elements as well, and will not heal the many diseases and cancers caused by trace element deficiencies. Still, all organic food is far better for us than our chemically grown food. There is much strong and growing evidence now, for instance, that Parkinson's disease is caused by common pesticides.

There is much and rapidly growing solid scientific evidence now that a diet high in seafood can prevent and cure a very wide range of diseases. Because of this evidence the USDA now recommends one or more daily servings of fish, although seafood is far better, since fresh water fish can also be deficient in one or the other trace element, and worse, contain industrial and chemical pollutants.

This is the story in a nutshell. The whole story is appended here, and is strongly recommended, for all the crucially important details, and of particular importance for pregnant women and women considering having a baby - both for preventing many birth defects and the dangers of non-pharmaceutical supplements for foetuses and small children. Do not play with your health; read the WHOLE STORY

Meanwhile, and for those people who are able to do this, there is also a another source, and that is to grow your own year-round supply of fruit and vegetables in soil containing the 72+ nutritional trace elements. As an added bonus, this also eliminates all crop diseases, and hence, the need for any agricultural poisons. For the whole beautiful story of completely poison-free gardening, go to "POISON FREE GARDENING" in the "Gardening Scene" in these pages.

Finally, I am not a medical person of any sort, and have discovered this only through fortuitous circumstances and great good fortune, by 'incidentally' curing the MS, Lou Gehrig's disease and Edema I had come down with in 1985. Nevertheless, for purely legal reasons, I have to include the following legal disclaimer.

Legal Disclaimer.

All of the above is intended for basic information only. Obviously, I cannot take any responsibility, and expressly decline any and all responsibility whatsoever - either direct or indirect - for any ill consequences to any individual arising out of this information. If any individual decides to try this nutritional routine, he or she does so entirely at their own risk. In all cases, this dietary routine should be undertaken only with the full knowledge of, and under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Next, a word about dietary supplements containing the 72+ trace elements.

I'll gladly speak to any group and answer your questions; write me at [email protected]

a natural cancer remedy

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