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Nutritional Supplements Victoria BC

Nutritional Supplements

There are two kinds of trace element - also called 'mineral' - supplements. Those formulated by pharmaceutical companies - and quite a variety of non-pharmaceutical supplements obtained from Nature by enterprising companies.
The former contain only the 17 presently, and officially recognized trace elements, while the latter contain the complete range of the 92 natural elements of the Earth, including at least 72 trace elements.

Due to much recent research, some pharmaceutical trace element supplements now contain the 17 presently recognized trace elements in their proper amounts and forms - (as far as we now know) - and can be highly recommended. They are good sources of at least some of the many dozens of missing trace elements. "Centrum", "Spectrum", "Balance" and "Optimum" are some of these new pharmaceutical trace element supplements.

A note of caution is necessary here.
Never take more than the recommended amount of these supplements - because too much of the trace elements is as deadly as too little.

And while I can wholeheartedly recommend the daily seafood routine, I cannot really recommend any of the non-pharmaceutical trace element supplements. These are typically obtained from a wide variety of natural sources, including sea weed, sea water, from ancient mines, archaic soil, archaic caves, archaic plant deposits, the Salt Flats of Utah (the remnants of an archaic sea) - and the "Rain Forests", of course. While they contain the invaluable complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements, in most cases these trace elements are in elementary form and not chelated (combined with organic compounds), as in all natural foods. Also, since most of them contain the complete spectrum of the 92 elements of the Earth, this means that they also include miniscule traces of the heavy elements, like uranium, lead, cadmium and mercury, and so forth.

This though, is not quite as bad as it may sound. Very recent research has found that we also need a micro-miniscule touch of the 'heavy' elements. However, we are getting far too much of them already via chemical pollution and the residues of industrial products and processes in our environments. Finally, I have not the slightest idea about the integrity of the manufacturers nor of the quality of their products. Anyone taking these supplements does so entirely at their own risk, and pregnant women, or women planning to have a baby must not - I repeat - MUST NOT - take these supplements because of their heavy metals content. What is a miniscule dose to a fully grown adult is a HUGE - and potentially very harmful - dose to a miniscule embryo, tiny foetus, small baby and small child! For these women, the daily seafood dietary routine is the best alternative.

However, and after many years, the daily seafood nutritional routine can get a bit boring, and is not always feasible for everyone. With the full and complete understanding that anyone taking these supplements does so entirely and completely at their own risk, they are a valid alternative to the daily seafood routine, and they do work.

A recent case in point. A young woman, now 28 had been suffering from progressively worsening diabetes and manic-depressive disorder since she was 17 years-old, and to a degree that she had been on a disability pension for several years. I had told her about the "something from the sea everyday" nutritional routine, albeit without much hope, since her diseases were genetic in origin - rather than acquired in middle age or later. However, since this diet brings a wide range of 'general' health benefits, she decided to try it. And she did experience the expected 'general' improvements in her health, and sufficiently so that she continued this dietary routine. Eventually, she switched to a 72+ trace element supplement, for the regularity and constant amounts of the trace elements.

A few months ago, and after about one year on this dietary routine, she came to thank me. With tears of gratitude in her eyes, she told me that she felt like 17 again - when her symptoms had first begun to manifest. This is truly extraordinary. I had no hope that genetically caused conditions could be improved with this simple dietary routine. But, and apparently, it did, and very substantially so.

I am telling this story to illustrate the trade-off between the potential harm that the heavy elements in these non-pharmaceutical nutritional trace element supplements can do - and the massive benefits that can be obtained from them. But, and again, everyone has to make that choice for him or herself, and entirely at his or her own risk.

In any case, the "something from the sea every day" is the better and far safer alternative. But even here we are in a bit of trouble. Chemical pollution is now so wide-spread on the Earth that every living thing is now contaminated - including fish in the high seas. But there is nothing we can do about this, and we now must live as best as we can with what we have done.

I'll gladly speak to any group and answer your questions; write me at [email protected]

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