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"The Stranger's Story"

He was middle-aged, and one of the regulars at this little bistro in Kitsilano in Vancouver's West Side. And I could see him slowly lean, twist and turn in his seat as he tried to find a position which would ease the constant throbbing ache which travelled up the muscles of his arms and lodged in his spine.

But, and as I knew all too well, the pain was constant, relentless and incurable - as my physician had told me - and could not be eased, neither day nor night. It was obvious to me that he had Multiple Sclerosis - the same incurable disease that I once had.

I kept watching for an opportunity to talk to him, to tell him about the 72+ trace elements in seafood, and how a helping of seafood in his daily nutrition would get rid of this disease. But the opportunity never came. He either left shortly after I had come in, or I had to leave shortly after he came in. And he was always surrounded by his buddies, and I felt uneasy about talking to him about his condition in front of his buddies. And then, on my last day in Kitsilano, and before my work would take me to the other end of the city again, he came in just before I had to leave. And, for once, he sat alone at his table.

It's now or never, I thought, and I went over to his table, and sat down. "Please excuse me", I said, "but I had the same condition you have, and I have cured it with a daily helping of seafood in my nutrition". And I told him, very briefly, about the many missing trace elements in our regular daily food, and that it is the 72 natural trace elements in seafood which cure this and many other diseases.

He just stared at me, his eyes large and unbelieving at the gall of this stranger to come out of nowhere and intrude into his life so deeply and so directly. And he never said anything. Not a word. He just stared at me. I excused myself again, and got up and left.

Several months later, my work took me into Kitsilano for a day and, as usual, I went to the little bistro for lunch again. The owner was a born cook, and they had fabulous homemade soup and nice, imaginative sandwiches there, all for a very reasonable price. Shortly before I had to leave, he came in, and as usual, sat down with his buddies. And, to my great joy, I could see that he sat, free and easy, as he laughed and chatted with his friends, without any sign of pain, discomfort, or of this disease.

I got up, paid my bill, and as I was leaving, I caught his eye. He smiled at me, broadly and with much joy, and gave me the 'thumbs up' sign with both hands. That is all that ever passed between us. I do not even know his name.

It was several months again before I came back to Kitsilano, and by then, the little bistro had changed hands and the menu, and now had a mostly Chinese clientele. And I have not seen him since then. But I know that he is alright, healthy and rid of this disease - just as I am.

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