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Sarah's story - health & fitness Victoria BC

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"Sarah's Story"

Sarah's story
Sarah is a young, 28 year-old woman, who has had progressively worsening diabetes and bi-polar (manic-depressive) disorder ever since she was 17. The early onset of her symptoms is a clear indication that the origin of her diseases is genetic in origin. She has inherited a bad set of genes from one of her parents. Over the years, her conditions had worsened to the point that she was unable to work, and had to go on a disability pension for the last 4 years.

When I met her a little less than two years ago, I told her about the "something from the sea everyday" nutritional routine, and all the reasons why and wherefore. I also told her that I did not expect any substantial improvements in her conditions, due to their genetic origin, but that her 'general' health would be much improved.

She believed me sufficiently to try it out, and she experienced sufficient 'general' health benefits to keep it up. But she found it very difficult to make it a consistent daily routine. So, she switched to a liquid (72+) trace element nutritional supplement ("Concentrace Drops") but, due to her conditions, also found it difficult to maintain a consistent regular routine. But because of the noticeable improvements of her general health, she continued, but switched to the tablet form of this supplement instead. Finally, she could manage the simplicity of a one-per-day pill, and achieve a regular and consistent daily dose.

A few weeks ago, she came to me with tears of profound gratitude in her eyes, gave me a big heartfelt hug, and told me that she "feels like 17 again", when her symptoms first began to manifest. She also told me that she had waited for almost 3 months to tell me, to see if the massive improvement in her conditions was transitory - or lasting. After 3 months, and now sure that her improvement was lasting, she finally told me.

I was flabbergasted. I had not expected any substantial improvement of her conditions because of their genetic origin. But there it is; she feels like 17 again, and is now working on getting a job, finding a boyfriend, and perhaps having children eventually - all of which she had 'written off' because of her conditions.

It may well be that I was wrong in my assumption that her conditions are genetic in origin. In this case, we have a new situation to deal with - that the slow degeneration and late onset of diseases due to the deficiency or lack of dozens of trace elements in our daily food now is beginning to manifest several decades earlier. In this instance though, the massive improvement in her conditions should have come within a few months.

That it took well over a year for her conditions to improve so dramatically leaves room for another hypothesis. The law of "Natural Selection" shows that healthy and fit organisms live longer and have more offspring than unhealthy and unfit organisms. This could mean that the cells expressing the 'good' genes Sarah had inherited from one of her parents would live longer and have more daughter cells than those of her cells expressing the 'bad' genes she had inherited from the other parent.

In time then, the cells expressing the 'good' genes would come to be dominant, and eventually replace the cells expressing the 'bad' genes. It's only a hypothesis, and I have no other explanation for the dramatic improvement of her conditions.

I'll gladly speak to any group and answer your questions; write me at [email protected]

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