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Our Kids Are Born Polluted

health and fitness Victoria BC, Health News

Well .... since 1985 I've been saying that what may be a tolerable dose of pollutants or man-made toxins for a fully grown adult, is a massive dose for an embryo or fetus, and a huge dose for an infant, toddler or child. And now it turns out that, indeed, our offspring are being polluted while still in the womb.

[ COMMENTS - ARTICLE BELOW ] Here again, we see a careless irresponsibility by the so-called experts and manufacturers alike who assumed, without ever doing the tests, that the placenta blood barrier keeps the toxins in our environment out of fetuses and embryos. Not so. Wrong again.

The result is - just as I had predicted ever since 1985 - that our offspring are becoming increasingly more unviable, in most cases requiring life long and ruinously expensive "special needs" support - and just because the manufacturers do not - and are not required to - conduct tests of their chemicals for adverse health effects, nor for the biological safety of their products.

It's the same old story which most 'experts' have yet to learn: whatever we put into our environment anywhere on this Earth - and be this the air, the land, the water - sooner or later ends up in all living things - including in us.

Original Article:

Born Polluted: Hundreds of Toxic Chemicals Measured In Newborn's Blood.

OAKLAND, July 14, 2005 — Not long ago, scientists thought babies in the womb were largely protected from most toxic chemicals. A new study challenges that view, and raises concerns about chemicals that can disrupt growth and development contaminating babies’ bodies even before birth.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit research organization, commissioned independent laboratory tests for the most extensive array of industrial chemicals, pesticides, and other pollutants ever studied in umbilical cord blood. Ten random blood samples, provided by the American Red Cross, came from babies born in U.S. hospitals in August and September 2004.

The study tested each sample for 413 industrial and consumer product chemicals. The findings are disturbing: The 10 babies’ blood carried an average of 200 contaminants – pesticides, synthetic chemicals and wastes from the burning of coal, gasoline and garbage.

It is a milestone in the emerging science of biomonitoring, and compelling evidence of the need for California to establish a pilot program to track pollution in people. The Healthy Californians Biomonitoring Act (SB 600), by Sens. Deborah Ortiz of Sacramento and Don Perata of Oakland, has passed in the Senate and in Assembly committees, and will be considered by the full Assembly next month [August 2005].

“For years we’ve studied pollution in air, water, food and land, and its health impacts on children and adults. Now we know this pollution is reaching babies in the womb,” said Sonya Lunder, a scientist in EWG’s West Coast office in Oakland. “We must change the way we regulate toxic chemicals, to make sure children are protected even before they are born.”

EWG found:

  • Of 413 chemicals that were tested for, the lab detected 287 in the 10 cord blood samples. Each child’s blood had between 159 and 234 chemicals.

  • Of the chemicals found, 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animals. Each is a known health hazard, but recent research has demonstrated that chemicals in combination carry additional risks.

  • Of the chemicals found, 287 have never before been reported in cord blood.

    Most Americans believe chemicals in consumer and industrial products are thoroughly tested for safety. However, there is no law that requires manufacturers to test chemicals for health effects, or that chemicals meet a clearly defined standard of safety.

    On July 13, 2005. Rep. Henry Waxman of California and Sen. Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey introduced the Child, Worker and Consumer Safe Chemicals Act, a bill that would require that all chemicals be proven safe before use.

    "We are experiencing an alarming increase in chronic diseases and illnesses that cannot be linked solely to genetics," said Sen. Ortiz, chair of the California Senate Health Committee. "It is critical that we determine what chemicals are in our bodies, what their long-term effects are and how we can best protect ourselves and our children from exposure to dangerous toxins and chemicals."

    Bill Walker, Vice President/West Coast, Environmental Working Group & EWG Action Fund, 1904 Franklin St. #703, Oakland CA, 94612; tel: (510) 444-0973, ext. 301; fax: (510) 444 - 0982; [email protected]

    Jeanette Swafford, M.H.Ed., Director of Health Initiatives, Collaborative on Health and the Environment; [email protected];;

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 14, 2005 -- The Pollution in Newborns is available at -

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