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vitamins A & C protect against memory loss


Vitamins A & C Protect against Memory Loss

vitamins A & C protect against memory loss
This is wonderful good news against a condition which robs many of us of their sanity - and from a large and highly reliable study. The Honolulo-Asia Aging Study has been established 25 years ago to investigate the much higher disease and dementia rate among Asian Americans living in Hawaii and Honolulu, as compared to Asian men living in their native countries.

Although this is currently not understood, the chief reason is the high prevalence of the complete natural range of the 72+ race elements in the daily food of Asians in their native countries - either from seafood, or from their traditional agriculture. In sharp contrast, food grown by modern agriculture in the Western nations contains only a paltry 8 trace elements. However, that there is now such a wholesome remedy for memory loss is, nevertheless, great good news.

Original article:

Antioxidant Vitamins C and E are Found to Protect Against Memory Loss

A new aging study has determined that antioxidant vitamins -- Vitamin C and Vitamin E -- protect against dementia and can improve brain function in later life. In a study of 3,385 Japanese-American men living in Hawaii, scientists looked at the health records of men aged 71 to 93 years and ascertained their use of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

"We found that combined Vitamin E and C supplement use was associated with a reduction of 88 percent in the frequency of subsequent vascular dementia," or memory loss associated with blood vessels, eight researchers reported in the medical journal Neurology, a publication of the American Academy of Neurology.

"In separate analyses limited to non-demented subjects," they said, "use of either Vitamin E or C supplements alone ... was associated significantly with better cognitive test performance ... " The study, part of the ongoing Honolulu-Asia Aging Study being conducted at the University of Hawaii and other locations, suggested that "long-term use is required to improve cognitive function in late life."

Citing previous studies that suggested a combination of Vitamin E and C might provide more antioxidant effect that either alone, the researchers said that in their current study "there was a strong interaction between Vitamin E and C in promoting cognitive performance. It has been suggested, they reported, that a higher level of Vitamin C can increase Vitamin E levels.

"The study has many strengths," the researchers concluded, pointing out that the test subjects have been under medical surveillance for more than 25 years and that participation rates were high.

The study population, Japanese-American men, is known to have high rates of stroke. The researchers said their findings supported earlier studies concluding that antioxidant vitamins can slow progression of dementia, or memory loss, and recommended a "primary prevention trial" to examine the potential protective effects of both vascular dementia and Alzheimer's dementia. No protective effect was found for Alzheimer's in the current study.
[Source: "Neurology", Feb. 2001]


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