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chaste tree fruit helps PMS - health and fitness Victoria BC

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chaste tree fruit helps PMS


Chaste Tree Fruit helps PMS

chaste tree fruit helps PMS

This is more wonderful great good news - although it had been discovered by the ancient Greeks over 2.500 year ago. However, and as the saying goes, better late than never, as our modern science is now slowly coming around to effective remedies which have been known for millenia.

This time around though it appears that the trace elements have little to do with this, since ancient Greek women - whose dialy nutrition included the complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements - apparently also suffered from PMS.

Original article:

Fruit Extract Helps Beat PMS

A herbal remedy made from dried fruit extract could help ease the unpleasant period symptoms women suffer each month. In the days leading up to their periods, millions of women suffer mood swings, headaches and sore breasts. But scientists think a fruit extract first discovered by Greek sages nearly 2,500 years ago can be used to beat the period blues.

Up to 40% of women suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) so badly that they need to go to their GP and up to 2% have to take two days off a month sick.

Dieticians have given the research cautious support, but say they will be recommending women suffering from PMS try the extract.

German Researcher Rued Schellenberg from the Institute of Care and Science, near Frankfurt, found that women taking the fruit extract over three months suffered less from mood swings, anger, headaches and sore breasts than those who did not. And he is calling for the extract to be considered to help women whose PMS cannot be linked to any other medical causes.

"Dry extract of agnus castus fruit is an effective and well tolerated treatment for the relief of symptoms of the pre-menstrual syndrome. "This herbal remedy ought to be considered a therapeutic option in women."

But the study published in the British Medical Journal shows that the agnus castus extract had no impact at all in alleviating the bloated feeling associated with the pre-period days. More than half of the 86 women given the extract had an improvement in their condition and the side effects were few and mild.

The fruits of the plant, also known as the chaste tree because it was thought to promote chastity by reducing libido, is made up of compounds similar in structure to the sex hormones. Agnus castus, better known as the fruit of the Chaste Tree grows in valleys and riverbanks of the Mediterranean and Central Asia has delicate violet flowers and finger shaped leaves, it's fruit is the size of a peppercorn and it has the taste and smell of pepper. [Source: British Medical Journal, Jan. 2001]


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