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chromium & rapeseed help heart - health and fitness Victoria BC

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chromium & rapeseed help heart


Chromium & Rapeseed Help Heart

chromium & rapeseed help heart
Here we have more proof, again, of the powerful healing properties of the trace elements. This time it's chromium - one of the few recently "recognized" trace elements (also commonly called "minerals"). And, quite predictably, we are also getting a rapidly growing avalanche of manufacturers who are now "jumping" on this or that trace element, in order to cash in on the growing recognition of the profound healing power of the trace elements.

However, the investigators are still only focused on this or that trace element (or mineral) - rather than the complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements. Meanwhile though, you can get far more powerful and far more wide-ranging healing and preventative benefits from the 72+ natural trace elements in one or more daily servings of seafood.

Original article:

Chromium and Grape Seed Extract Improve Cardiovascular Health

Results from a pilot study conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center show that grape seed extract and chromium ”when taken together” may lower cholesterol levels.

The study, published in the December 2000 issue of the Journal of Medicine, found that, in a pilot trial involving 40 humans, grape seed extract and chromium taken together significantly decreased total and LDL cholesterol levels, and seemed to reduce the oxidized form of LDL. LDL is commonly referred to as the “bad” type of cholesterol; LDL and particularly oxidized LDL are known risk factors in heart disease.

These findings complement those of an earlier study, presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Nutrition in 1999, which found that grape seed extract and chromium ”when taken with zinc” significantly reduced systolic blood pressure over the course of a year in 108 hypertensive rats. High blood pressure is another important risk factor for heart disease.

According to the American Heart Association, more than 1 million Americans will suffer a heart attack this year, and about 40 percent of those individuals will die. Fortunately, several lifestyle changes can help improve heart health. Good nutrition habits, regular exercise, stress reduction and smoking cessation are recommended by the American Heart Association as the first line of defense in preventing cardiovascular disease.

“While it is important to remember that the human study is only a pilot study with a small number of participants, it seems clear that supplementing the diet with grape seed extract and chromium may have a powerful effect in significantly reducing total cholesterol, and particularly oxidized LDL cholesterol levels,” said Harry Preuss, M.D., F.A.C.N., C.N.S., professor of medicine and pathology at Georgetown University School of Medicine and the lead researcher for both studies. “The next step is to expand the scope of this test and do another trial with a larger population.”

About the animal study, Preuss said, “It is also clear that grape seed extract, chromium and zinc can significantly reduce blood pressure in rats; the next step is to test these supplements on hypertensive humans.”

The grape seed extract used in these studies is sold under the brand name ActiVinTM, manufactured by Dry Creek Nutrition, Inc. based in Modesto, Calif. The chromium used in the studies is sold under the brand name ChromeMateTM, and the zinc is sold under the name OptiZincTM, both of which are manufactured by InterHealth, based in Benicia, California. Dry Creek Nutrition, Inc. funded these two studies. [Source: Health Mall - Feb. 7. 2001 ]


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