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evening primrose oil helps PMS


A Natural Remedy for PMS

evening primrose oil helps PMS

The good news is that the therapeutic action of Evening Primrose oil goes further than that. EPO offers many benefits for both men and women. These include reducing inflammation in arthritis and eczema, lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and helping to protect the heart from damaging blood clots.

Original article:

Evening Primrose Oil Helps PMS

Evidence is now accumulating to suggest that many of the symptoms of PMS are related to dietary imbalances and nutritional deficiencies (Aha! - pw). The role of certain vitamins and minerals has been well established. Essential fatty acids in the form of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) also show a particular therapeutic promise. They not only help people attain and maintain optimal health, but have been scientifically validated to benefit those suffering from PMS.

GLA is the active form of omega-6 fatty acids shown to have a role in many bodily functions. The omega-6 fatty acid found in nuts, seeds and most vegetable oils is the inactive linoleic acid which needs to be converted to the active GLA before it can perform its functions. Evening primrose oil (EPO), however, is rich in the already formed GLA. Hence, it can help in the synthesis of prostaglandins E1 series important for the regulation of many bodily processes, such as hormonal imbalance, in the case of PMS. The effects of PMS may become more pronounced when the body's supply of GLA is deficient.

EPO has been shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of PMS, including irritability, depression and mastalgia (breast pain). This supports research findings that a dietary deficiency in fatty acids may contribute to PMS. Women taking six 500mg EPO capsules daily throughout the month reported relief from PMS.

Although linoleic acid can be converted to GLA, the conversion may be inhibited by stress, alcohol, food high in saturated fat and sugar, nutritional deficiencies, and inevitable factors such as aging and environmental pollutants. Therefore, plant oils such as corn oil and soya bean oil are less favourable than EPO in supplying the GLA. On the other hand, borage oil's bioavailability is lower compared to those found in EPO, although it has a higher level of GLA. With the exception of human milk, very little GLA is found in common food.

EPO has also helped to relieve heavy and prolonged bleeding. Reports show that not only was the amount of blood loss reduced, the duration of the periods also normalised. Such relief brought about by EPO occurred within two to three menstrual cycles.

Over the years, EPO has earned a reputation as being an effective treatment for the relief of PMS symptoms.

To maximize the benefits of GLA, supplementation with vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins is necessary if one's dietary intake is inadequate. [ Source - Health Mall - Jan. 24. 2001 ]


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