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mushrooms fight cancer


Mushrooms Fight Cancer

mushrooms fight cancer
Of course - since all wild mushrooms contain the complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements, they will effectively fight cancer. However, since most investigators remain ignorant of the crucially vital importance of the 72+ trace elements to our health, the appended article has to be taken with a grain of salt. Here is why.

Since shitake mushrooms are grown on oak logs, and since wild growing oaks contain the complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements, these mushrooms will contain the 72+ trace elements and have the observed effect.

However, mushrooms grown with chemical fertilizers in "mushroom farms" will contain only the 8 presently known trace elements, and will therefore not have the healing qualities of wild mushrooms, or of mushrooms grown on wild-grown oak logs.

So, and depending upon how they are grown, these mushrooms may, or may not, have the desired effect. And if they are grown chemically, they won't.

The general and pervasive ignorance in the medical establishment that the 72+ trace elements are the active factor has lead to some funny, even hilarious, conclusions.

One fairly recent report concluded that wearing bras causes breast cancer. The investigator looked at the breast cancer rates in Sri Lanka, India, China and Japan, and found them to be far lower than in Western nations. And ignorant of the general presence of the 72+ trace elements in the daily nutrition of these populations, and noting the common factor that most of these women don't wear bras - they can't afford them - and that Western women do, jumped to the conclusion that it is the wearing of bras which causes cancer.

In another recent study conducted at the University of East Anglia in the UK, investigators concluded that sunlight protects people against multiple sclerosis (MS) and prevents high blood pressure and strokes. It is already well known that people in northern latitudes such as Britain were 100 times more likely than those on the equator to get MS but no one knew why. And two related studies covering 30 countries from the equator to the poles, found similar results.

However, and due to their ignorance of the presence of the 72+ natural trace elements in the daily nutrition of the people of these countries, the investigators concluded that it is the greater amount of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation (what???) which accounts for the much lower incidence of MS, high blood pressure and strokes in these countries.

[ The following reasoning is - ah, curious ]. Quote: "Lead researcher Professor Bentham said sunlight had the effect of suppressing the immune system (what now?), but he believed ultraviolet light stimulating the production of vitamin D was the probable protective element. People on the west coasts of Norway and Iceland, who ate oily fish such as herring and salmon (oh?), which were rich in vitamin D, had lower MS rates than populations in similar northern climes (aah so!). "It is the vitamin D that is the key. If the body has enough then it protects against MS." ( - oh boy).

More proof? I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, which has a very similar climate to England, got MS 16 years ago, and promptly cured it with the daily seafood diet - as described in these pages. Since it rains here almost as much as in England, sunlight and ultraviolet radiation had absolutely nothing to do with it. But the trace elements have everything to with it - since for MS, a pure 72+ trace element supplement works just as well (after 14 years of the daily fish routine, I've been on such a supplement for the last couple of years, without any sign of MS).

Original Article:

Mushrooms Found to Have Cancer Healing Properties

Scottish grown mushrooms that are rich in chemicals which boost the human immune system could soon produce an important new treatment for cancer after it was discovered the fungi have "almost magical" effects on the recovery and survival rates of patients. Following months of research, scientists from Strathclyde University believe exotic mushrooms, such as the Japanese Shiitake, can improve cancer patientsí recovery following surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Extracts of the gourmet mushrooms also appear effective against a range of infections from flu to the common cold (Aha! - pw), and seem to act in the same way as conventional drugs in lowering blood cholesterol.

Professor John Smith, Emeritus Professor of biochemistry at Strathclyde, who is heading the study, said yesterday: "The main compounds are polysaccharides, which are part of the wall structure of the fungi. "Their main function seems to be to stimulate the human immune system, and this is why people are becoming interested and indeed quite excited. "They are already being used quite extensively in Japan as an ancillary treatment for cancer patients, but not much is known about them in the West. "It will not be a miracle cancer-cure, but what it does is give a considerable increase in longevity and success rates after most, although not all, conventional cancer treatments and surgery."

It is hoped that the study, funded by the Cancer Research Campaign, will lead to empirical research on the Shiitake and similar mushroom types. The scientists have also been working on a joint venture between an international biotech company and Stirling Mushrooms, a Callander-based mushroom farm, to encourage the health benefits of the fungi.

Under the plan, Myco-Biotechnology will initially grow Shiitake mushrooms at its English base in Margate and they will then be marketed as fresh fungi and in capsule form by Stirling Mushrooms, alongside its more traditional "white-button" stock, to stores throughout the UK.


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