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selenium fights HIV & AIDS


Selenium Fights HIV & AIDS

Selenium Fights HIV & AIDS

Here, and in the full length articles, the author presents the results of a meta analysis of dozens of formal studies in which a wide range of nutrients - including trace elements (also called trace elements or minerals) were investigated and found to have a positive therapeutic effect upon AIDS.

However, and with the few exceptions of leading investigators in the biomedical sciences, the author is not yet aware that our daily food lacks over 60 vitally important trace elements (or micro nutrients) which leaves us wide open to a whole host of autoimmune, chronic and degenerative diseases, many of them now wrongly considered 'incurable', as well as many cancers (see CANCER COMPARISON in these pages).

Underscored by the well known fact that some people are immune to HIV and AIDS, and substantiated by these articles, it is my personal conviction that AIDS is one of these diseases. And although I do not have any evidence, I believe that the daily seafood routine is highly effective against HIV and AIDS.

Nutrients and HIV: Part One - Beta Carotene and Selenium
Lyn Patrick, ND

[Abstract] Micronutrient (trace element) deficiencies are common in HIV/AIDS, resulting from both malabsorption and virally-caused depletion. Beta carotene and selenium deficiencies, two of the most common nutrient deficiencies, are important due to their dual function as nutrients necessary for immune modulation and as antioxidants. Beta carotene deficiencies are common in all stages of HIV/AIDS and may signal malabsorption. Supplementation has been shown to affect specific T-lymphocyte populations and decrease markers of lipoperoxides. Selenium levels are highly significant in predicting AIDS-related mortality; and the HIV virus manufactures selenoproteins that are involved in the regulation of viral replication, possibly depleting host levels of selenium. Supplementation trials with individual antioxidants have shown improvement in immunological parameters and decreased evidence of lipid peroxidation. [Alternative Medical Review 1999;4(6):403-413]

Nutrients and HIV: part two--vitamins A and E, zinc, B-vitamins, and magnesium
Lyn Patrick, ND

[Abstract] There is compelling evidence that micronutrient (trace element) deficiencies can profoundly affect immunity; micronutrient deficiencies are widely seen in HIV, even in asymptomatic patients. Direct relationships have been found between deficiencies of specific nutrients, such as vitamins A and B12, and a decline in CD4 counts. Deficiencies appear to influence vertical transmission (vitamin A) and may affect progression to AIDS (vitamin A, B12, zinc). Correction of deficiencies has been shown to affect symptoms and disease manifestation (AIDS dementia complex and B12; diarrhea, weight loss, and zinc), and certain micronutrients have demonstrated a direct anti-viral effect in vitro (vitamin E and zinc). The previous article in this series focused on selenium and beta carotene deficiencies in HIV/AIDS. This literature review elucidates how deficiencies of the micronutrients zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, E, and specific B vitamins relate to HIV symptomology and progression, and clearly illustrates the need for nutritional supplementation in HIV disease. [Alternative Medicine Review - Feb. 2000]


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