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a natural cancer remedy


A Natural Cancer Remedy

a natural cancer remedy
Although there is a very large amount of biomedical research into the role of the trace elements in our nutrition going on, few medical people outside of this research are aware of it.
Nevertheless, some of the many health benefits of a diet high in seafood are beginning to be widely recognized by the biomedical community. However, all attention still revolves around the omega-3 fatty acids in seafood.

And while the omega-3 fatty acids certainly play an important role, the complete natural range of the 72+ nutritional trace elements in all seafood plays a far more potent and far more powerful role. But this still remains to be recognized in the biomedical community.
These articles are, in fact, a good illustration of the large gap of new knowledge between the investigators of the trace elements, and general medical personnel.

Original Synopses:

Selenium Reduces Certain Cancer Risks

(JAMA press release, Dec. 25. 1996) As the result of a study done at the Arizona Cancer Centre, College of Medicine, University of Arizona, Tucson, with the nutritional trace element selenium, investigators found that the selenium group had 63% fewer prostate cancers, 58% fewer colon and rectal cancers, and 46% per cent fewer lung cancers than the placebo group, and that there was a 50% per cent reduction of mortality.

Comment: Given the widespread incidence of prostate cancer, these dramatic results point directly at a general selenium deficiency, and for good reasons. Selenium is added only to 'fortified' chicken feed, and hence, is present only in chickens reared on this 'fortified', and more expensive chicken feed. Most farmers don't bother because most chickens are killed for market before they are 3 months old.
So, not all chicken meat is rich in nutritional selenium, and strict vegetarians will not get any selenium in their nutrition since selenium is not maintained in agricultural soils at all. And given the iffyness of selenium in chicken meat, our main source of nutritional selenium is seafood and red meat. The remainder comes from incidental sources - some groundwater, remaining traces in the soil here and there, imported food from other countries, etc.- that vary from region to region, from place to place, and according to dietary preferences. These dramatic results are a rather precise indication of the wide-spread selenium deficiency in our daily food.

Selenium Reduces Prostate Cancer

Researchers said they had found some evidence that eating plenty of selenium, an essential trace mineral found in grains, fish and garlic, may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. They said men who had high levels of selenium in their toenail clippings, a measure of how much selenium they ate, had a lower risk of developing advanced prostate cancer than men with low levels. "A higher intake of selenium may reduce the risk of advanced prostate cancer," Kazuko Yoshizawa of the Harvard School of Public Health and colleagues wrote in their report in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Aug. 19. 98

Tomatoes Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

(AP - Apr. 13. '99) - A study has found the first direct evidence that the nutrient that makes tomatoes red may protect men against prostate cancer by shrinking tumors and slowing their spread. The nutrient, lycopene, has emerged as one of the trendiest of all nutritional supplements in recent years. Large population surveys have suggested those who eat plenty of tomatoes - the primary natural source of lycopene - are less likely to get prostate cancer and some other malignancies. To see if tomatoes are truly the reason why, researchers from the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit gave lycopene capsules to men who were about to undergo surgery to remove their cancerous prostate glands.

Tomatoes May Lower Cancer Risk

Spaghetti sauce and ketchup can be good for you, says a study confirming a long-suspected view - eating lots of fresh and processed tomatoes can lower the risk of some kinds of cancer. The summary study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found there is now enough data to show convincingly high consumers of tomatoes and tomato products are at substantially decreased risk of numerous cancers, although probably not all cancers. The study, to be published Wednesday, analyzed 72 past studies that had examined the link between various cancers and the consumption of tomatoes and tomato-based products. (Journal of the National Cancer Institute - Feb. 17. 99)


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