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a natural remedy for migraine


A Natural Remedy for Migraine

a natural remedy for migraine

This is wonderful good news - and confirms, again, what I have said for all these years. And having had very frequent migraine headaches myself - now thankfully lo these many year ago - I know full well what this means. Here then, and although there are some cautions, is the way and means how to get rid of them naturally - and forever.

As described in the article below, Dr. Zeiger has achieved complete migraine relief in 15 minutes in 87% of his patients with an intravenous injection of magnesium.

That the trace element (or 'mineral') magnesium gets rid of migraine headaches is great good news; however, that it takes a large and intravenously injected dose is not so good at all. Too much of the trace elements is as deadly as too little, and there are much, much better ways.

The first is to get more magnesium into your system - and the very best source is one or two daily servings of seafood, as now recommended by the USDA.

Paradoxically perhaps, magnesium is one of the few known trace elements which is maintained in agricultural soils - if the particular farmer deems it necessary. However, there is much evidence that we do not get enough magnesium from our daily food.

For instance; the baffling riddle why farmers in the south eastern US had a 10 year lower life expectancy than farmers elsewhere, was solved, in the 1960ties, by the discovery that the whole region was magnesium deficient. That only farmers were so affected was explained by the fact that most of their daily food came from their own farms, whereas the daily food of city dwellers came from a great variety of other regions. Adding magnesium to the soil has since then eliminated this problem.

The discovery that magnesium eliminates migraines, and the wide-spread incidence of migraine, however, is one of several other indications that we do not obtain sufficient magnesium from our daily food. Adding magnesium to the soil is determined by the magnesium needs of crops - not of people. But plants are far simpler things than we are and do not have lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, a heart - nor a brain. Consequently, and while crops can get along with the supplied magnesium, it appears that we do not obtain sufficient magnesium for our daily food.

And since whole food is always far superior and far safer than any supplement - and especially so for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and babies (if your haven't done so already, make sure to see the previous article) - our best source of sufficient magnesium is one or two daily servings of seafood. But this will take a while; up to about three months, before the body is fully 'topped' up with magnesium again.

In the meantime though, there is a wonderful, and wonderfully effective method to get rid of migraine headaches within a few days - and forever. It involves nothing more than becoming aware of our 'state of mind' just before the onset of a migraine headache - and then changing that state of mind. It works, and it works wonderfully well.

That's how I got rid of my migraine headaches - I used to get them every two days on average, and I used to live with 2 bottles of Bufferin - one in use, and the other for back-up. But all that is long gone now. I've haven't had a single migraine headache since then, and it's been over 15 years. However, we also began eating our own home-grown and seaweed fertilized vegetables around the same time - which provided us with the full spectrum of the 72+ trace elements, including sufficient magnesium, in our daily food. So, I cannot say with certainty which method did the trick; and it may well be both.

Another alternative is one of the non-pharmaceutical daily nutritional supplements of the 72+ trace elements, but, and however, since they also contain the 'heavy' elements, the same cautions regarding pregnant women, nursing women, babies and small children apply (must see SUPPLEMENTS in these pages).

Nevertheless, you can now go ahead and get rid of migraines forever, naturally and effectively - and with tremendously beautiful side effects, instead of nasty ones - by including one or more servings of seafood in your daily nutrition, as now also recommended by the USDA.

The original synopsis:

Natural Migraine Relief

It is estimated that 26 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches without using over-the-counter or prescription pain medications for relief. Now some migraine sufferers are finding relief with natural remedies. Dr. David Zeiger, a headache specialist at American Whole Health Center in Chicago, says, close to 87 percent of the patients have complete relief of their migraine symptoms within about 15 minutes using intravenous magnesium therapy.

Dr. Zeiger says migraine pain is caused by the swelling and constriction of muscles within the blood vessels. Magnesium works by keeping the muscles relaxed.

Recent studies have also shown that the taking of riboflavin in large doses will cut down the frequency and duration of migraine attacks. Riboflavin, better known as vitamin B-2, is believed to work much like magnesium. Dr. Zeiger explains, "Many people who have migraines suffer from B-2 deficiency." Experts say other herbs may also offer relief. Feverfew, ginkgo biloba and ginger have all been shown to help control migraine attacks.

Magnesium can cause nausea and vomiting. He adds it has to be taken in fairly high doses to make a difference and should only be taken under the guidance of a doctor.(Source: Health Mall, Oct. 26. 2000 www.healthmall.com)


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