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a natural remedy for Bipolar Disorder - health and fitness Victoria BC

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a natural remedy for Bipolar Disorder - health and fitness Victoria BC


A Natural Cure for Bipolar Disorder

a powerful natural cure for bipolar disorder

These news that nutritional minerals provide a powerful natural remedy for bipolar disorder is proof of all I've been saying in these pages. Featured on Canada's national CTV news on Oct. 5. 2000, this news item dramatically confirms the supreme effectiveness of the daily seafood dietary routine outlined here - and gives supreme hope to almost all sufferers from bipolar disorder, as well as the immediate simple, totally natural, and completely side effect-free means to begin the road towards a normal life.

This news item told about a father with two children who had bipolar disorder, in a family where bipolar disorder is common, and his frustration with the lack of any improvement despite their long term prescription of lithium therapy. In desperation he tried a "vitamin and mineral" supplement long given to pigs for a similar condition. And the improvement was quick and dramatic.

So dramatic that investigators at the University of Calgary (Alberta, Canada) did a preliminary study with 10 people suffering from bipolar disorder - and achieved the same quick and dramatic improvement. (Please note: I am recounting this news story from memory, since I could not find it in CTV's news archive on their web site, and my memory might not be entirely accurate concerning all the details).

[ ADDENDUM, MAR. 2006 ] Here is the real life story of a man who cured his Bipolar Disorder with the daily seafood diet in four months, after suffering from this terrible disorder for 20 years.

Original Abstract:

Successful Treatment of Bipolar Disorder With a Nutritional Supplement: Ten Cases

Recent research on various nutrients has suggested that some mental illness might be ameliorated by supplementation. Much work has focused on essential fatty acids (1), although various minerals are also being studied (especially zinc). We are evaluating a broad-based nutritional supplement that contains primarily trace minerals, plus vitamins and amino acids.

Recent work has suggested that crops grown with western farming methods contain fewer of these essential nutrients than they did in years past (2) . Although we have been examining the effects of the supplement on a variety of psychiatric symptoms in both children and adults, it appears to be particularly promising for bipolar disorder in adults.

We will present an open case series of 10 male patients aged 20-46 years who thus far have taken the supplement for 1.5 - 6 months. Four were diagnosed with Bipolar I, four with Bipolar II, one with Bipolar Mixed, and one with Bipolar-NOS. In most cases, the supplement has entirely replaced psychoactive medications and the patients have remained well. Side effects (e.g., nausea) have been rare, minor, and transitory. In all cases, the patients have been evaluated periodically with the Hamilton-Depression Scale, the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale, and the Young Mania Rating Scale.

The change in mean scores for each scale from study entry to the time of the last visit are as follows: Ham-D (20.4 to 8.2), BPRS (37.3 to 9.9), YMRS (16.8 to 6.1), and OQ (75.2 to 48.2).
A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of the supplement for Bipolar I has been funded and began in July 2000.
Authors: Bonnie J. Kaplan1, PhD; J. Steve A. Simpson1, PhD, MD; Richard C. Ferre2, MD; Chris P. Gorman1, MD; David McMullen1, MD; - 1Calgary, Alberta, Canada; 2Salt Lake City, Utah
Abstract presented at the Canadian Psychiatric Association annual meeting October 4, 2000, Victoria, British Columbia.
1. Stoll AL, Severus E, Freeman MP, Rueter S, Zboyan HA, Diamond E, Cress KK, Marangell LB: Omega 3 fatty acids in bipolar disorder: A preliminary double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Archives of General Psychiatry 1999; 56:407-412.
2. Mayer AB: Historical changes in the mineral content of fruits and vegetables. British Food Journal 1997; 99:207-211

Also see U of Calgary Press Release - www.ucalgary.ca/~gauntlet/eg/news/stories/20001019/news09.html

This news item confirms my discovery, as described in these pages (see SUPREME HEALTH), in several important ways. First of all, it confirms that the "trace minerals" (or trace elements) - rather than any other factor - are the therapeutic factor, and consequently, that the daily seafood dietary routine as described in these pages works, and works wonderfully well.

That the vitamins in the supplement are not the therapeutic factor follows from the fact that no measure of vitamin supplementation has ever shown to have any effect on bipolar disorder. This leaves the "trace minerals" or trace elements in this supplement.

Further confirmation is provided by the presence of a very similar condition in pigs, since they too are fed on the severely trace element deficient grains and/or potatoes as produced by our modern agriculture - and by the fact that this condition in pigs has long been remedied with the trace elements (or "mineral") in this supplement.

It must be mentioned here that lithium definitely plays an important role in the therapy of bipolar disorder - but it cannot do it alone! In fact, and especially if large doses are given, alone it can do more harm than good. The fact is that all of the trace elements work in conjunction, and most of them are useless, and even dangerous, when given in isolation. Calcium therapy, for example, does not work without its indispensable complement of magnesium.

Consequently, a daily helping of seafood works far better, is far safer, and has nil side-effects - than any product containing only some trace elements (trace minerals).

A note to livestock farmers: For the same reasons, incorporating an ocean-derived component - such as kelp, fish or seaweed meal - in your livestock fodder will cure and prevent this and many other diseases. And all the "side effects" are beautiful; they substantially, and often dramatically, improve the whole system!

Worth mentioning here as well is the fact that none of the participants really know why this supplement works. They just know that it does, but that there is a massive trace element deficiency in all of our daily food, as well as in the fodder for the pigs is now, at least, beginning to dawn on the medical establishment.

Here though, in these pages, is the whole story; the causes, the cures, and all the whys and wherefores of it all.


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