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chromium reduces cholesterol - health and fitness Victoria BC

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chromium reduces cholesterol - health and fitness Victoria BC


Chromium Reduces Cholesterol

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Here is more proof of what I have been saying all along. And by all accounts, it is extremely effective - and exactly as I had expected. This is very nice, and particularly so because it is a natural remedy, and does not have any of the ill side effects of the current chemotherapeutical medications.
However, and while this discovery that chromium substantially lowers cholesterol levels - and naturally so - is absolutely valid (see below), it is necessary to highlight some reservations, if only because the medical community is as yet unaware that we need 72+ trace elements in our daily nutrition to remain robustly healthy.

It is well known among the biomedical community that the trace elements (or minerals) only work well - even at all - only in combination. This well known fact has not, however, been extended into the complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements, and the biomedical sciences are still pretty much stuck on a single agent, and a single therapeutic factor. Nevertheless, it is a very important discovery since it proves that the trace elements - in this instance chromium - are the effective factors, rather than the by now almost 'magical' Omega-3 fatty acids.

Other biomedical research has shown that the trace element vanadium also plays a powerful role in regulating cholesterol levels. And as research proceeds into the over 55 still 'unknown' trace elements, it will most probably be found that other trace elements are involved as well.

What concerns me most here are two things: the first is the focus on a single trace elements (or mineral) which is fundamentally wrong, even dangerous; and the other is the high recommended dosage - 1.000 mcg. per day. This, in my view, could be devastating, since this dose is ten times higher than the daily recommend dose of the FDA of around 100 mcg, which, ironically perhaps, is most probably too low.

My guess is that it should be around 400, or maybe 500 mcg per day, and I am really concerned about the huge recommended dose in this article. And my concern is particularly great that pregnant women and breast feeding mothers taking such a large dose could severely damage the child they are carrying or nursing. As always, what may be a tolerable dose to a fully grown adult, is a huge dose to the very small.

This said, it is far better - and even far more effective - to obtain the needed chromium from one or two daily servings of seafood. This will not only also provide the needed vanadium - which is already known to play an important role in cholesterol regulation - but also all of the other 55, and as yet 'unknown' trace elements. And this daily seafood routine is perfectly safe, even tremendously beneficial for growing embryos, nursing babies and small children, since it will eliminate many birth defects, and bestow a supremely effective immune system on embryo, baby and mother.

The other alternative is one of the non-pharmaceutical daily nutritional supplements of the 72+ trace elements, but, and however, since they also contain the 'heavy' elements, the same cautions regarding pregnant women, nursing women, babies and small children apply (must see SUPPLEMENTS in these pages).

Nevertheless, you can now go ahead and lower your cholesterol levels naturally and effectively - and with tremendously beautiful side effects, instead of nasty ones - by including one or more servings of seafood in your daily nutrition, as now also recommended by the USDA.

The original article:

Chromium Reduces Cholesterol
On October 12, Dr. Danielle Greenberg, Nutritional Scientist at AMBI Inc., presented new research results linking chromium picolinate and cholesterol at a meeting of the American College of Nutrition. In her research, Dr. Greenberg combined clinical data from 5 double-blind, placebo controlled studies involving more than 300 adults. It was found that on average total blood cholesterol levels fell more than 20 points -- from more than 220 mg/dl to less than 200 mg/dl -- in people receiving chromium picolinate and not in those receiving placebo.

"These new observations concerning chromium picolinate and blood cholesterol levels are impressive," Dr. Greenberg said. "It is even more impressive when you consider participants in these studies were not using lipid-lowering medications, and the only intervention was to give either chromium picolinate or the placebo during the test periods."

"Although chromium picolinate at levels of 200 mcg per day significantly lowered blood cholesterol, supplementation with 1,000 mcg per day had more pronounced effects. Typically, chromium picolinate supplementation was required for at least 2 months to see an effect," Dr. Greenberg added.

"The only studies that have examined the effects of chromium supplementation on blood lipids in humans have used chromium in the form of chromium picolinate," said Dr. Greenberg. "Therefore, the existing database supports conclusions that supplemental chromium picolinate can lead to improvements in blood cholesterol levels. However, we cannot draw those same conclusions about other forms of chromium without further research."

"Information from Dr. Greenberg's analysis is unique in that it considered the effects of chromium picolinate supplementation alone on blood cholesterol levels. These observations demonstrate an important interrelationship between the essential mineral nutrient, chromium, and another physiological measure of human health -- namely, blood cholesterol levels." Source: Journal of the American College of Nutrition 19 (5), p.687, 2000.


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