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Mary-Jo's Story - health and fitness Victoria BC

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Mary-Jo's story
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Mary-Jo's Story - health and fitness Victoria BC


Mary-Jo's Story

Mary-Jo was 52 years-old when I first met her in 1994, and it soon became apparent that she suffered from diabetes, a thyroid condition and severe arthritis - which was painfully obvious in the cruel swelling and deformation of her fingers. As usual, I told her that her ills can be gone in about 3 months, if she included about 6 oz of any kind of seafood in her diet every day.

Fortunately, she had read a book "A Sure Cure For Arthritis" many years ago, which also advocated a diet rich in seafood, although the author, a physician, did not know the reason why. However, she had not followed this advice until I reinforced what she had read earlier with the facts of the 72+ nutritional trace elements. It was enough to convince her to give it a try.

Within a few weeks, she began to notice substantial improvement, and then progressively more dramatic improvement. The pain and swelling of her cruelly twisted fingers had disappeared within the first week, and her arthritis receded rapidly from then on. About a month after we met, she held her hands straight out in front of her and said beaming from ear to ear, "look, look, I can see my fingernails again!" She was elated.

Her diabetes had also improved so dramatically that she found herself full of energy again, had no need to eat every two hours, visit the bathroom frequently, and could partake in the apple pie and ice cream she loved to make for her family, without any ill effects whatsoever. And the symptoms of her thyroid condition had disappeared as well.

After three months, by now in robust glowing health, she told me what she did not dare tell me when we had first met. She also had had lupus, she said, and she told of the silent terror she had lived under all these years, in constant fear of this completely unpredictable disease. The only reason she finally told me about her lupus was that her lupus marks had disappeared completely as well. She was such a glowing picture of robust health by then that everyone who knew her noticed and commented in utter astonishment, including her 33 year-old son. Since his mother's health and looks had improved so dramatically, and although he was in general good health, he and his wife also began to include more seafood in their nutrition, just for good measure.

His only nagging worry had been a small but growing bald spot in his otherwise luxurious head of hair. After about a couple of months of more frequent seafood in their nutrition, while still far from daily, his wife made a startling discovery while serving dinner one night. She had stopped behind him, plates in hand, became bemused, and then asked, "where is your bald spot?". He could not believe it. We got up and inspected his head, but there was not even the slightest suggestion of a bald spot. Everybody then rushed into the bathroom where he could see this stunning 'miracle' for himself, and the excitement over the disappeared bald spot was total and shared by all - including myself. Although long used to 'miraculous' cure by then, it was not something which I had ever expected.

Reverse proof came just as dramatically. It was over Thanksgiving, and with being invited to her son's, her daughter's, her boyfriend's children and her brother's places for successive Thanksgiving dinners, she let the daily seafood routine slip. Having been in glowing good health again for several months by then contributed to her laissez faire attitude regarding the "something from the sea everyday" nutritional routine. Well, her symptoms promptly began to reappear, but disappeared just as quickly as soon as she went back on the daily seafood routine - this time though, with firm and unwavering determination.

The same scenario happened again over Christmas and New Year's with all the turkey dinners among her family and friends, and she went through the whole thing - the return of the symptoms and their prompt disappearance upon resumption of the daily seafood diet - all over again. I knew all about it; in the many years since 1985 that I have been on this daily seafood diet, I have been through this several times myself. It works like clockwork.

When we first met, Mary-Jo's 4 'incurable' diseases (a common combination) had her resigned that she would not live to see her 60th birthday. Today, Mary-Jo is a perfectly healthy, vivacious and very active woman without any traces of her former diseases, and she looks, feels and acts a full ten years younger than her age. Now she is convinced that she'll hit 80 with flying colours, and that 90, and better, is well within her future. Her only complaint now is the price of seafood.

This story is as true as the fact that I live. And it is typical of many who have chosen to follow this nutritional diet.

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