poison free gardening Victoria BC
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poison free gardening Victoria BC

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poison free gardening Victoria BC

Welcome to the Joy and Beauty of poison-free gardening

poison free gardening Victoria BC

Would you like to revel in the profound Joy of gardening - without any poisons, without any hassles, without any worries, with much less work --- yet have incredibly healthy, lush and beautiful gardens - be they flowers and/or veggies???

poison free gardening

Well, you've come to the right place, for this is truly the most powerful gardening advice in the world. And these are not hairy-fairy, ivory tower theories - but simple, supremely effective, down-to-earth methods. I have done it for many years in our large market gardens on Salt Spring Island.

You see, our agricultural experts have overlooked something basic - and very important. It is this: Due to its origin and eons-long evolution in the seas (which have always contained all of the 92 natural elements of the Earth in solution - and still do), Life has used all of these 92 elements in all of its basic metabolic and immune functions right from its beginnings - and still does. And this includes small 'traces' of at least 72 'trace' elements. However, and just because these 'traces' are so miniscule, they've been totally ignored by science.

In deadly contrast to all of nature, our modern agriculture and horticulture knows of and maintains only a paltry 8 (!!!) trace elements in its soils. Because of this vast ignorance and neglect, the dozens of 'unknown' and neglected trace elements have either become severely deficient, or entirely absent in our soils. And this lack of over 60 natural trace elements is the cause of practically all plant diseases. [ - and also, via our agriculture and all of its products, of most human diseases; but this is another story which you can check out here in our "Health Scene"].

It is that simple; and the solution is just as simple: just use a 72+ trace element fertilizer (we'll get to that in a moment) - and poof - there go all the diseases! No more plant diseases - gone; zilch; kaput; nada; goodbye. All of them. You'll see.

And, consequently, no more fungicides, and no more of all the other terrible poisons. This not only saves you lots of money, work, worry and disappointment - it also saves your health, and the health of your children and your family. Moreover, it's a powerful double-whammy health booster. Besides eliminating these poisons from your food and environment, it also supplies your body, via your veggies, with the complete range of the natural 72+ trace elements - which is such a powerful boost to your health that it cures and prevents a great many 'incurable' diseases [see "SUPREME HEALTH" in our 'Health Scene"].

Now then, because of this aforementioned ignorance, there isn't such a thing as a 72+ trace element chemical fertilizer. No such thing exists. So we need to use what is actually a better alternative - a seaweed mulch, a seaweed compost (excellent), or a fish- or seaweed fertilizer. Like the sea they come from, these fertilizers contain all of the 92 natural elements of the Earth - and in just the right amounts and proportions.Not only that, but these organic fertilizers also contain many complex carbohydrates and amino acids - in a form which is easily absorbed by plants.

And that's it. That's all there ist to it; just use any of these natural 72+ trace element fertilisers, and you're done; no more poisons, no more expenses to buy the stuff, no more expenses to buy the application equipment, no more labour to apply the stuff. And, best of all, no more poisons in your environment - and most importantly, no more poisons on and in your own produce.

And, because of all those lovely trace elements, and the robust health they cause, your gardens will grow like nobody's business. Expect a substantial increase in yield - from 3 to 7-fold.

And, here is the very best and most powerful part of it all: As if all of this were not enough, if you raise your own year-round supply of veggies in this simple, hassle-free, and almost no work way - you too get all those trace elements, via your veggies, into your body - and you'll be just as robustly healthy and disease-free as your veggies!!! You also get to live longer, keep much of your hair, and look younger in the bargain! It's true. You'll see.

That leaves only those pesky insect garden pests. And we can say goodbye to them forever, without doing anything. Well - almost nothing. This beautiful story is next.

Questions? - write me at [email protected]

Poison Free Gardening Victoria BC

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