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poison free gardening, Victoria BC, a simple watering test


A Simple Watering Test

neat watering testers
Ideally for most house plants - other than bog-natives which love constantly moist soil, and desert-natives which thrive in dry conditions - the top inch of the soil should be dry, with moist soil underneath. But how can one tell without poking one's finger into the soil all the time?

The solution is as near as a box of toothpicks. Hold the toothpick by the top, and stab it into the soil as far as it will go. Pull it out, and if particles of soil adhere to the toothpick, the soil underneath the top inch is moist, and no watering is needed. If it comes out clean, the soil under the top inch is also dry, and the plant needs watering. That's it, and this is all there is to it.

To save trees, and to have it ready at hand, I leave my testing toothpick stuck halfway in one of my flower pots, for re-using the next time.

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poison free organic gardening, Victoria BC

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