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poison free gardening, Victoria BC, natural insect pest control

Zebra caterpillars feasting on beet leaves

Natural Insect Pest Control
From a Single Application!

Here, we get rid of all garden insect pests, without any poisons whatsoever - and without hardly ever lifting so much as a finger - and practically for forever.

And we do this naturally, beautifully, and without any poisons whatsoever!

with two powerful, and suprememly effective means.

How on Earth can this be done? you undoubtedly ask. Here is how. First of all, the full spectrum of the 72+ trace elements substantially increases the power of the plant to defend itself. In nature, insects and disease actually have an important purpose: to eliminate the weak and sick. And if your plants are strappingly healthy, as they will be when given the complete natural range of the 72+ trace elements - they have many ways to defend themselves - like turning their sap bitter - and are much more able to defend themselves against insect pests.

In addition, there is a far more direct, far more powerful and far more effective way of dealing with garden insect pests - just get rid of them. And we can do just that - and very, very beautifully - and very, very naturally, with the second means.
We have here in coastal BC a lovely little spider, which is death on wheels (this thing 'motors') to all garden insect pest. It's called the "Wolf" spider - and for very good reasons.

wolf spider - Lycosa (Hogna) helluo
actual size
Unlike most spiders, these miniscule spiders - about 3/8 of an inch from stem to stern - do not build a web and wait for something edible to happen along. These spiders hunt; they mercilessly and incessantly hunt their prey from dawn to dusk.
Foto: Jim Kalisch, UNL  Entomology

These fabulous little spiders are relentless and merciless hunters of all manner of insects, their larvae and eggs. Carnivorous, they are completely harmless to all plants, but deadly to all insect pests. And unlike ladybugs, praying mantises and predatory wasps, these tiny spider stay put where they are. They do not fly away. Once you have them, you have them forever. In our market gardens sufficient individuals and eggs survived even the yearly spring plowing and rototilling (twice!!), to re-generate new virtual armies of the all but invisible little spiders in no time flat. So, once you have them, you have them forever. And unlike poisons Wolf spiders are not washed away by rain, nor can insect pests adapt to them. They can never become 'spider-resistant'; it's impossible.

So, a single application of this little known and supremely vorascious natural predatory insect provides permanent and supremely effective insect control. Try and beat this.

All these tiny spiders need is a mulch. This is their natural habitat, and any kind of mulch does the trick. And as is well known, a mulch provides multiple benefits:

  • it conserves moisture, and greatly reduces the need for irrigation.
  • it keeps the soil cool in the heat of day, and warm at night - as well as early
        and late in the season.
  • it substantially inhibits the growth of weeds.
  • it provides a haven for the Wolf spider.
  • it's decay rapidly and substantially enriches the organic content, quality,
        fertility, friability, aeration, moisture holding capacity and soil biota content of
        the soil - as the first step to a permanently sustainable agriculture which
        becomes richer and more fertile with every season and with every year.

    As is obvious, this is an almost ridiculously cheap horticulture and agriculture. The permanent protection against all insect pest from a single application of a handful of wolf spiders (under favourable conditions, they quickly increase a million-fold) is incomparably cheaper than the frequent applications of poisons, their application and equipment costs, and the consequent threat to our health. All this is not required anymore.

    The additional cost of providing a mulch is so massively outweighed by its manifold benefits that its small cost is not even a matter of consideration. And, by using suitable plant species - such as a low-growing clover - a mulch can be grown in place, right where it's wanted. [For a beautiful, free, home-grown mulch, see below].

    These tiny Wolf spiders provide almost 100% protection against all insect pests - which is far superior even to our best poisons. All I have ever found is 6 aphids - high up on two 6 foot tall dill plants - in 1 acre of our market gardens. And since all the dozens of other dills did not have any, I think that the spiders simply missed them. I mean, how good can it get?

    There. That's it. That's all there is to it. Just do some mulching - which is GREAT for your gardens anyhow - chuck in a handful of the little Wolf spiders, and sit back and relax. You'll never have to think about garden insect pests again. And unless you look for them, you'll never see these miniscule spiders. First of all, they are really tiny; and secondly, they like to hunt out of concealment. It is almost as if they aren't there.

    With the 72+ trace elements, and the little Wolf spiders, you now don't need any poisons whatsoever, and your environment will be poison free. And best of all, it is all completely and beautifully natural - the way it is meant to be.

    And now, a word about weeds - the perennial scourge of all gardeners. Well, almost all gardeners. I think weeds are an incredibly beautiful and powerful resource. First of all, they are pioneer plants, and most of them will grow where nothing else will grow - like moss on stone - and with great abandon to boot. And with their decay into the soil when they die, they slowly turn utterly barren soil into rich, black, and beautifully fertile loam. Collectively, and over the billennia, they have turned an originally stone-barren Earth into the rich and abundant biosphere it is now. That's a fact. Only the 'Green Life' can do this - and does.

    So, I thought, let's do the same, and use them as Nature intended. Like all plants, weeds take the simple elements of the soil and of the air (nitrogen !!!), and turn them into rich and complex organic compounds. And that's exactly what turns stone-barren soil into rich, black loam.

    So, instead of poisoning the weeds - God forbid - I use them for a beautiful and perfect, grown-in place mulch. Here is how. I simply let them grow to about 4 inches high, and then shear them and lay the cuttings over as a mulch. This needs to be done only 3 to 4 times per season. And there is my mulch, and also the haven for my favourite little Wolf spiders.

    And the results are fabulous. I first tried it around my cucumber plants. And what a beautiful scene it turned out to be. Here were my cucumber plants, surrounded on all sides by this beautiful mat of weed straw, with the cucumbers lying neatly, and dry and clean, on a thick bed of weed-grown straw. Naturally, I tried it with the tomato plants next, with equally beautiful results - and then with all my other crops. The only vegetables it did not work with were the carrots and onions. Shearing among these took too heavy a toll on the slender seedlings. And to cut down on the weeding among those, I used a newspaper mulch instead. It worked wonderfully well.

    Many people say that weeds take nutrients away from other plants. This is only true in very, very poor soil, and then only temporarily. You see, the nutrients don't go away. When the sheared weeds decay, all the nutrients go right back into the soil, exactly where they came from. Indeed, you get more nutrients.

    Like all plants, weeds also absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere (70% nitrogen) - and when they decay, this nitrogen goes into the soil !!! - as a part of complex and durable organic compounds. So, you actually get a substantial net gain of nutrients - and of one of the most important ones to boot.

    In addition, you also get the beautiful increase in the quality, friability and fertility of the soil that the decay of all organic materials in the soil generates. So, instead of hating weeds, as I was brought up to do, I began to cherish them, and now I love them, for the rich and multiple benefits they provide.

    And if this beautiful weed mulch is to 'unsightly' for your flower gardens, do the next best thing, as I did in my flower gardens. I used a bark mulch (do not use cedar bark mulch) and chucked the few weeds that made it through the mulch under the shrubbery, out of sight, and let them decay and do their beautiful job there. And after a while, I had a rich source of beautiful humus right at hand under my shrubberies. The only consideration to keep in mind is to shear the weeds before they go to seed.

    So, here goes the last reason to use poisons - against weeds. And instead of poisons in your soil and home environment, you get a very substantial increase in the fertility, quality and friability of your soil.

    There is, actually, a vast and immensely powerful universal law behind all this. It is the universal law of "Progressive Complexity", the law that 'drives' all Growth and Evolution. This is the same law that has driven the evolution of the whole universe itself from the ultimate simplicity of pure energy - to the astronomical complexity of its present state. The same law also drives the evolution of the elements from the elementary simplicity of hydrogen to the 92-fold complexity of uranium; and the evolution of Life from simple bacteria to the immense complexity of our kind and selves - as well as the Growth of all living things from simple seed or ovum, to the staggering complexity of a fully developed organism.

    It's a fundamental universal law - and as it turns out, the 'mirror twin' of the universal law of decay. And although we see this immensely powerful law at work it in us, all around us, and everywhere we turn - the law of progressive complexity has not been recognized by our science. Go figure. 'Tis a bit baffling - to say the least.

    So, in addition to all the rich and manifold benefits of poison-free gardening - not least among them the priceless gift of supreme health - you also have the deep satisfaction of knowing - by using weeds to increase the complexity and fertility of your soils - that you are actually working hand in hand with the fundamental laws of our biosphere - and of our universe itself.

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