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gardening articles
Victoria BC

gardening articles Victoria BC

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Super Healthy and Totally Poison Free Gardening

super healthy gardening
Welcome to the most wonderful, the most rewarding, and the healthiest way of gardening on this earth!

These "super" organic gardening articles were first published in "The Gulf Islands Driftwood" between 1979 and 1985, and subsequently, in my little totally biodynamic gardening book "Weeds and Seeds" (Horsdal and Schubart Publishers Ltd.), now long out of print. I am republishing them here, albeit much updated and in most instances, written anew.

Happy, wholesome, super-healthy, and totally poison free gardening!

Gardening - in beautiful Victoria BC

january february march
good soil composting growing leeks
good drainage growing asparagus growing rhubarb
raised beds winter blossoms growing onions
good balance early seedlings growing cabbages

april may june
peas, beets, carrots growing beans fresh winter greens
lettuce, lettuce, lettuce bye-bye insect pests growing spinach
growing tomatoes growing herbs growing cuttings
growing cucumbers go go gardening no toil gardening

july august september
irrigation growing fall lettuce storing tomatoes
countertop composting growing fall spinach growing garlic
purple coneflower chinese greens for fall storing onions
great potting soil growing fall onions storing carrots

october november december
planting spring bulbs michaelmas daisies *
storing cabbages 350 lb Tomato Trees *
fall leaves Growing Lovage *
black-eyed susans * *

Gardening Articles Victoria BC

"beautiful Victoria at your fingertips"
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