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organic poison free gardening, Victoria BC

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poison free gardening, Victoria BC, countertop composting


Counter Top Composting

organic gardening Victoria BC
Anyone who has ever witnessed the all but magical transformation of yucky scraps and messy leftovers to the incredibly wholesome beauty of rich dark soil by composting, and now lives in a condo or apartment is, in almost all cases, a frustrated composter. But, and fear not, all is not lost, and help is on its way.

Here is my invention and world premiere of 'counter top composting'. First of all, and rest assured, aerobic composting - when open to the air and in the presence of oxygen - is not smelly at all, and especially so if one composts only plant material and avoids composting all animal and meat scraps in the kitchen.

All that is needed is a little bucket and about a couple of tablespoons of good rich soil - for starting out nicely with a starting colony of those indispensable decay bacteria. After this initial 'import' of decay bacteria, a tablespoon of the finished compost will provide plenty of bacteria for the next batch of counter top compost.

Chuck all your counter top and table crumbs, bits of vegetable parings, tea and coffee grounds, and so forth, and so forth, into this little bucket and stir lightly. Keep constantly lightly moist so the bacteria can thrive, and in a few weeks you'll have that incredibly wholesome beauty of rich dark loam. Use it liberally on all your balcony and indoor plants, and see them thrive to their little heart's content.

You can also use coffee grounds as a wonderful mulch for all your potted plants - as well as in all outdoor gardens of course. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and make a very good looking and effective mulch. And of course, when the coffee grounds decay into the soil, they enrich your soil magnificently.

Indeed, it would be an excellent idea for people with outdoor gardens to offer their neighbourhood coffee shops to relieve them of all their coffee grounds. All one would have to do is to provide them with an appropriate bucket, pick it up regularly, and spread it over your gardens as a plentiful, extremely good looking, rich, enriching, and beautifully effective mulch. Chucking the coffee grounds into the garbage is such an extravagant waste of what is actually a rich and beautiful natural resource

In this manner, and just like Nature has done with our whole teeming biosphere ever since time began, even condo and apartment dwellers can actively participate in the eternal cycle of growth and decay, and enrich the soils of their pots and planters season by season, and year by year.


poison free organic gardening, Victoria BC

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