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Victoria BC

Contact - Victoria BC

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Contact - Victoria BC   Contact Information

Important: Use this contact information only for placing an ad, changing your ad, or terminating your ad.

Please note that we are an advertising business only. Other than running ads for local landlords, property managers, employers, merchants, businesses and organisations, we do not sell anything, do not rent anything, and do not provide any employment. We just publish the ads; that's all.

To contact landlords, property managers, employers, merchants, businesses, or organisations listed in these pages, please use the contact information provided in their ads.

Peter Weis, CEO
Tel: 250 - 382 - 1934
Email: [email protected]

Mailing address: Web Services
#16 - 1498 Admirals Road
Victoria, BC
V9A 2R1

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Contact - Victoria BC

"beautiful Victoria at your fingertips"
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