restaurants Victoria BC, Bravo restaurant

Restaurants Victoria BC, Bravo restaurant
  Bravo is casually elegant. It takes you away from the stress of modern day life, at an affordable price. At Bravo, great food doesn't mean excessive expense or a suit and tie. We want you to feel like a person, a special individual. Feel comfortable, drop in for a short time and stay for a long time. The cuisine is continental with a pacific northwest twist. From the menu, feast on succulent seafood, and a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes. A deliciously romantic, casual evening out on the town.
restaurants Victoria BC, Bravo restaurant
  Unfortunately Bravo has closed its doors, banked the ovens, turned up the tables and chairs, relinquished its cooks, bid fair thee well to its serving staff, and turned out the lights. This ad now serves only as a example of fine graphic design.
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