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We specialize in creating low cost web sites for for small and medium businesses. And we are not a Microsoft "Front Page" or Macromedia "Dreamweaver" page mill shop. We hard code all our web sites by hand in HTML resulting in the leanest possible code which not only gives you faster download times, which is crucial to the success of your web site - but also saves you money charged by web hosting companies every month for the transfer of your web site data to your visitors. This can be substantial over time if you have an appreciable number of visitors - what you would like to see, of course.

And this is our one and only goal. To create lean, tightly coded, attractive, psychologically pleasing, quick downloading, easy to navigate, informative, all browser-compatible, and effective web sites - web sites which attract visitors, and to which visitors gladly return again and again. The return visit rate for our web sites is 100%, and all grow far more by invaluable "word of mouth" than by any advertising. It is our philosophy, and experience that, if a web site is not attractive, any money spent on advertising and promoting it is a waste of money.

We start by getting a "feel" for your business - so we can project the best possible image of your business with your web site, and we work with you to make your web site as "personable" as possible - since all people relate profoundly, and first and foremost, to the "personal" factor and ambience of your business. And we consult closely with you at every step of the development of your web site.

For this, and for creating the design concept - the "look and feel" - of your web site, we charge a base rate of $250.00, and then $75.00 per page. And we rely on you to provide your logo, letterhead, and all photos of your featured products and/or premises.

If you do not have a logo or letterhead, we charge $75.00 for designing a logo, or a letterhead. Other incidental graphics, if required, are $35.00 each. And if you do not have suitable photos, we charge $35.00 each for taking and processing suitable photos.

We also give you a free full-screen display ad for one year on "www.salescene.com/victoria" with a hyperlink to your own web site. This will guarantee you considerable traffic to your web site right from the word go. Allow about one month for the development of your web site - and somewhat longer for larger web sites.

Not included are all applicable taxes, the annual fee for your domain name - from $8.95 US to the $35.00 US per year charged by Network Solutions - nor the monthly web hosting fees which range from about $15.00 US per month to 'the sky is the limit'. But we can arrange both for a fee of $25.00. And that's about it.

Later changes and up-dates to your web site after the contract has been completed and your web site is up and running are as follows: $15.00 each per instance for changing text. $25.00 each for changing and processing photos for the web. Or you can do this yourself, and we will give you all the the files of your web site and provide the necessary information.

payment schedule: $250.00 at beginning of contract, plus weekly progress payments as web pages are completed. All copyrights and all other associated rights will belong to you the customer. We reserve the right though to use mention and images of your web site in our portfolio for the promotion of our business.

Contact us at:

Peter Weis
Tel: (250) 384 - 3152
email: [email protected]

Mailing address:
#306 -1035 Pendergast Ave.
Victoria, BC
V8V 2W9

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