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Aantaris Web Design   THE "NITTY-GRITTIES" OF THE 'WEB

Right now, the 'Web is a raging battle ground in the fight for dominance. Microsoft wants it all, and so does AOL in a way, although AOL recognizes the necessity of co-existence. As the direct consequence, Microsoft's and AOL's "Instant Messengers" are incompatible with each other, and intentionally so. Another consequence is that the two major browsers - Netscape's "Navigator" (the original 'Web browser, and now a casualty of the war for 'Web dominance) and Microsoft's "Internet Explorer" render HTML code somewhat differently, also intentionally so. What looks great in one browser can look awful in the other.

Add to this the fact that there now are anywhere from 13 inch to 21 inch monitors out there, with 3 different kinds of resolution (640 x 480; 800 x600; and 1024 x 768 - plus the newest, 'Web TV), which profoundly affects the display of your web site, and you have a web site builder's nightmare. To make it worse, there are also the different versions of the two major browsers, with many people still using old and very old version. It's a nightmare, indeed.

One common work-around is to build different versions of your web site for the different browsers, and then use Java script to bring up the right version of your web site for the browser and resolution being used to access it. However, the older browsers don't recognize Java script, and since a very substantial number of people still use the older browser versions, this work-around doesn't work in their browsers.

The only solution that works for all browsers is to use only basic HTML code elements, and your web site can be seen by all, and will look good, regardless of browser (although this takes some 'tweaking'), and their versions. This makes it unnecessary to build several different versions of your web site. And it saves you tons of money.

Next are the nitty-gritties of promoting your web site. This takes by far, the greatest investment of time and money, no matter which way of implementing your web site you have chosen. The first and vitally important task is to submit your web site to at least, the major search engines, since about 70% of visitors come through search engines. Of these, "Yahoo!" is the most important, but also the fussiest. You have to have a flawless web site, and you cannot take any 'liberties' (by their standards) with the Meta Tags of your web pages - which the search engines use to list your web site.

"Yahoo!" is also one of the very few search engines (actually a giant directory) which still employs people to review your web site for listing on "Yahoo!". Because of this, it takes a long time to be listed, as long as six month, if ever. And if you try too often, you'll be "blackballed'.

Almost all other search engines use automated listing processes, and are not as fussy. Nevertheless, since they are snowed under by submissions, it also takes weeks, even months to list your web site, if ever. All search engines also guard fiercely against all kinds of ranking scams - endlessly inventive 'schemes' to try and hoodwink the search engines into providing higher positions in the search results.

More recently, you can simply pay for a listing, as well as for a position in most search engines. This guarantees a quick listing, but top positions cost many thousands of dollars per month.

And then there are those companies which will submit your web site to dozens or hundreds of search engines, for a price of course. But they just use programs which automatically submit your web site to these search engines, with much less than satisfactory results. The only certain result is that you'll get a lot of spam in your email from the lesser search engines and their advertisers - and only the rare visitor.

Beyond this there are the link exchanges - which will place your banner on other web sites, in return for having other's banners placed on your web site. The ratio is 1 to 2; your banner will be placed on 1 other web site for every 2 banners placed on your web site. Here is a typical record for a one year period.

 Aantaris Web Design Victoria BC

This is done so the Banner Exchanges can sell banner placements. Many also demand prominent placement of the banners on your web pages, typically at the top of the page, which doesn't help your business one bit. It takes visitors away from your web site.

And then there are thousands of "Directories" - such as numerous Directories of "Bed and Breakfast" places in North America, for example - most of which charge a fee for a listing. These too are a mixed bag. If the Directory is successful, your listing will be one among thousands; and if it isn't, and has only a small number of listings, hardly anyone will ever see your listing.

These then are the major "nitty-gritties" of your web site being found and seen among the over 8 billion web pages out there. "Google", the largest and one of the most popular search engines, currently lists over 8 billion web pages, and this is estimated to be only about 30% of what is actually out there.

This then - being found on the 'Web - is the most important, the most time consuming, and also the most expensive part of having a 'Web site. After all, if hardly anyone ever sees it, it's a lost cause. Consequently, billions upon billions of dollars are spent annually by millions upon millions web sites on the advertising and promotion of their web sites.

But all this is not necessary, and particularly so for small and medium businesses and merchants. There is a beautiful and extremely effective solution in which small businesses can have highly prominent exposure where it counts the most - in the area where 95% of their customers, and potential customers live, work and shop - and without spending a single cent on the promotion of their web site.

Remember that most 'Web surfers by far (about 95%) use the 'Web only for obtaining information - and then go and buy the goods and services they need at local businesses and stores. And here is where "salescene.com/victoria" comes in. "salescene.com/victoria" offers local businesses extremely prominent exposure on the 'Web right where most of their customers live and shop - where it counts the most - and without the need to spend any money on visibility and promotion - and even without the need for a web site in many cases.

One, two, or a few pages on "salescene.com/victoria" are quite sufficient for most small businesses, and will give them the priceless luxury of constant exposure at very little cost - less than the cost of one coffee per day - as well as the now almost mandatory web presence (well over 2000 Greater Victoria businesses have a web site now) among the 190.000 middle and high income internet-connected consumers in Greater Victoria.

And those businesses which want, or already have their own web site, a link on "salescene.com/victoria" to their web site will bring more traffic to their web site than from any other Victoria area web site.

The extremely high visibility of "salescene.com/victoria" - over 125 first place and many 2nd place positions on the first search results page of "Google", "Yahoo" and AOL - the biggest and the most popular search engines - in all of its major categories, provides extremely high visibility and unparalleled exposure to local merchants - as well as on the wider, world-wide 'Web, of course.

This is awesome exposure, by any standards. No other Victoria "City Showcase" web site can offer you such massive 1st class exposure. Consequently, with a page or two on "www.salescene.com/victoria", no additional promotion is necessary. None. Zero. Zilch. Not one red cent. Your web page will be seen from day one - and every day. You can't do any better than this.

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