Focus On Patio Victoria BC
Focus On Patio
The Fence Co Victoria BC
The Fence Company
Energy Alternatives Victoria BC
Energy Alterrnatives
Leanne Cadden Victoria BC
Leanne Cadden
Adventure Clothing
Adventure Clothing
Victoria Compounding Pharmacy Victoria BC
Vic. Compounding Pharmacy
Quadra Appliances Victoria BC
Quadra Applicances
Camera Traders Victoria BC
Camera Traders

 Aantaris Web Design Victoria BC
To be effective, a web page has to be clear, pleasing and uncluttered - and convey the essence and nature of your business at first glance. However, some pages grab and command your attention far more than others - as you can see here (watch where your eyes are drawn to). Amazing, isn't it.

web site design Victoria BC

Pages also have to download in 6 to 8 seconds (at 28.8 kps) before people become impatient - and go elsewhere. If you have an attractive, quick-loading and informative page, you've also got the good will of your visitors. And then you have a winner. But this is entirely a matter of expert design. All the details
Edgar Miner Victoria BC
Edgar & Miner
Caswell Lawrence
Caswell Lawrence Gallery
Ocean River Victoria BJ Bytes
Ocean River Sports
J & Jewellery and Gifts J & J Jewellery & Gifts

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