Victoria BC - traffic statistics for Victoria
Victoria BC traffic statistics for Victoria                      only and can offer merchant over 135 first places in Google, Yahoo & AOL
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traffic stats
Victoria BC

Traffic statistics for Victoria BC

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traffic statistics
Traffic statistics for Victoria BC

traffic statistics for   - victoria

Traffic stats March 2005 to February 2006 as tracked by iPowerWeb Inc.

traffic statistics Victoria BC
iPowerWeb screen shot, February 7th, 2006

Daily stats for February 2006 - posted February 7th

daystatsfeb06.gif - 11580 Bytes
please note that the stats for February 7th were incomplete when posted - about mid day

Please note: About 75% of all visitors are from the Greater Victoria area - the one's most likely to walk into your place of business at any time - the one's that count the most.

This is of vital importance to local merchants, as most people - by far - buy locally. Although in the low billions in the US - Canadian figures are not available - total Internet purchases still only amount to less than 3% of total retail sales. This means that 97% of all retail sales are transacted locally. People just plainly prefer to 'handle the merchandise" - and take it home with them, rather than buy it sight unseen, and wait days or weeks for delivery.

Beyond this, about 20% of our traffic comes, in descending order, from up-Island, from Northern Washington, from the Lower Mainland, the Interior, Calgary, across Canada and the US, as well as the UK and all the Internet enabled countries around the world. These are most likely people who are planning a visit to Victoria BC, and are looking up "Victoria BC" before they come.

Combined with our over 135 natural 1st places in Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN - all the major and most important search engines - this is unprecedented and unbeatable exposure. There is nothing better than 1st place - unless you have 2nd place as well - which we have in most cases.

All these well over 100 1st places in all the major search engines [see 1st PLACES] also provide you with first class world wide exposure.

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Traffic statistics for Victoria BC

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