Victoria BC - advantages of advertising on victoria
Victoria BC - advantages of advertising on victoria Victoria BC                      only and can offer merchant over 130 first places in Google, Yahoo & AOL
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Victoria BC

Victoria BC - advantages of advertising on victoria Victoria BC

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Victoria BC - advantages of advertising on victoria Victoria BC

advantages of advertising on victoria

1) Extremely low cost: a full-screen web page, in full colour, complete with pictures of your sale or special items for $25.00 for a whole month - this is far less than a 3-line, text only, classified ad in the papers for 3 days!

2) Constant exposure: It's simply the best advertising medium there is. It is the only medium (other than expensive billboards) which gives you priceless 24-365 exposure --- 24 hrs. for 365 days. Your ad is 'always there'. And it gives you this priceless constant exposure at the almost ridiculously low cost for as little as less than $1.00 per day. This beats one-shot TV, radio, newspaper ads, and flyers by a million to one.

3) Extremely high exposure: "" gives you such high prominence in the Greater Victoria area - where 95% of all your customers, and potential customers, live and shop - that there is no need to spend any further money on promoting your web page(s). This saves you the tons of time and money required to promote your web page(s) among the over one billion other web pages out there.

4) Affluent audience: Of the over 300.000 people in the Greater Victoria area, over 70% now have Internet access (Greater Victoria Public Library, April 2002). And this figure is steadily growing larger. However, only the middle, upper and high income households can afford computers. This means that your ad on reaches more than 190.000 middle, upper and high income consumers in the Greater Victoria area - the very best segment of the population any business can hope to reach.

5) Look first: These households now look 'on the web' first - and then shop at local stores. Most of the better known stores are now on the web. Among them, and just to mention a few, are The Brick, Future Shop, Simpson Sears, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, The Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Chapters, Office Depot, Staples, Infinity Nissan, Ensign Chrysler, Island Volvo, Reitman's, The Gap, Benneton, Club Monaco, Eddie Bauer; Randy River, Work Wearhouse, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Au Coton, Suzy Shier, Plum Clothing, Birks, Zellers, Holt Renfrew, Glen Oak Ford, Emely Carr Gallery, Corvette Plus, Acura of Victoria, Laser Works, Cornell Chevrolet, Rogers Chocolate, Honda City, Tires Unlimited, Mister Transmission, Pipes Business Equipment, Dave Wheaton, Speedway Motors, Wind Sport, Bolen Books, Thrifty's, Flynn Printing, Head On Collision, Mayfair Flowers, Phoenix Cycle, Rider's Cycles, Carter's Flowers, Foto Print ... and on, and on ... plus many insurance agencies, accountants, lawyers, all the banks, 2 Credit Unions, all the Hotels and most B&Bs. There are enough stores 'on the web' now to make it very worthwhile for shoppers to look there first. And they do.

6) Ready to buy: Consumers look at web ads only when they need or want something - and are ready to buy. The constant presence of your 'Web pages beats the (very expensive) hit and miss (and mostly miss) of all one-shot advertising in all the other media, and of throw-away fliers, by miles and miles. And with the constant exposure provides, your ad is there when it counts the most - when shoppers are ready to buy.

7) Familiarity: With your display ad you can easily establish a powerful sense of 'familiarity' among consumers - even among 'strangers' who have never been to your store before. This is invaluable, since all people much prefer the familiar over the unfamiliar (see us about creating this sense of familiarity with your display ad).

8) Customer convenience: Consumers now 'shop around' at home, after supper and at their leisure - instead of running around in their lunch hours and on weekends. And the time-strapped two income families just love it (this also cuts down on air pollution).

9) Saving lots of advertising $$$$'s: Besides the massive savings in advertising costs on - if you want to advertise your business in any of the traditional media, instead of large and very expensive ads, you can now place a small low-cost ad pointing to your web ad "for all the details".

10) Totally flexible: You can make any changes - pictures, prices, new Sale, Specials - at any time.

11) Business Image: A Web page lends itself beautifully to establish the 'image' of your business in a very effective and powerful way (see this sample page - or this one).
You will also obtain a great deal of public "good will" for supporting the very powerful Health information on this web site.

12) Extremely powerful information: Advertise alongside the most powerful "Health" and "Gardening" information in the world. Both cure a very wide range of diseases, including many diseases now thought 'incurable'.

Give us a call - (250) 384 - 3152 - or email us at [email protected] - and we'll gladly work with you to massively reduce your advertising costs, substantially increase your visibility - while giving you the priceless luxury of constant and very powerful exposure in the best advertising medium there is.

"Seven new households now join the Internet every second in North America" (CNN News; Oct. 20. '99).  And Canada is more highly 'wired' than the US - 60% versus 59%.

Victoria BC - advantages of advertising on victoria Victoria BC

"beautiful Victoria at your fingertips"
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