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Victoria BC

apartments for rent Victoria BC

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apartments for rent Victoria BC

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Victoria, BC

apartments for rent Victoria BC

"For Rent" Details on Victoria BC

  What we need to put your ad on Victoria's busiest "for rent" site

What we need: Customer's written text via e-mail (preferred) or letter with contact phone number. Due to the virus problem, please incorporate the text of your ad into your email; do not send text as any kind of attachment. Send your digital photo (.jpg is best), logo or letterhead (.gif is best) as an individual .jpg or .gif email attachment, clearly labeled "yourname.gif", or "yourname.jpg".
Do not send images in a Word or PowerPoint document.
We are sorry, but if your submission is in any other form, again because of the virus problem, it will be deleted sight unseen.

Customer's digital photo via email attachment, or glossy 3 1/2" x 2" (passport size is best) or standard 6" x 4" colour photograph (needs reduction with some loss of quality) by land mail, and written text, preferably by e-mail, or letter.

Posting: Ads can be posted on the next business day, and sometimes on same day. For this we require your email notice to us that you have actually and in fact mailed your cheque to us.

Payment: prepaid with order by cheque mailed to us. Due to the persistent Internet security problems - despite multimillion dollar computer security measures - we only accept cheques at present. We like to keep it simple and effective. If we do not have your credit card number - it cannot be stolen. Safe; secure; no problems. With a cheque, you are 100% safe.

When the advertisement needs to be run longer than one month, it must be prepaid at least one week before the new month-long period begins.

Refunds: Due to the extreme low cost of the ad, and the work involved, we cannot give any refunds if the ad should run less than a whole month. Essentially, we charge our cost for formatting, posting, hosting and removing your ad when done, along with an up to one-month long free listing.

Note: The charge for the picture includes processing customer's photograph - scanning, reduction in size to 300 x 200 pixels (as on 'for Rent' pages), and file compression for the Web.

Note: When taking your own pictures, whenever possible take your picture in bright sunlight, and when everything is green (June, July and August are best). Pictures taken without sunlight, and/or in winter look drab.
When taking pictures of interior when wanted, make certain you have several bright light sources in different spots for best results.

Please note: Photos will be compressed to about 90% which results in a bit of 'fuzziness'. This is necessary to reduce the download time of the page to the maximum of 15* seconds - after which visitors become frustrated. *(at 56 kps - still the most common modem speed at about 40% of web surfers).

Additional Web page(s): This is extremely useful for showing off display suites for new apartment, condo and townhouse developments. After the one-time initial cost of building one or several pages, your monthly cost is just $15.00.
It is also very useful for exceptional or exclusive accommodations, for showing interior or panoramic views, where the outside picture doesn't tell the whole story.
This page (or pages) can have up to 4 small photos with accompanying text blocks, or 1 or 2 larger photos (max. width 600 pix.), if so desired. More photos than this are not recommended since it would take forever to download.
Total maximum size of page is 43.000 bytes, for this reason. This page (or pages) is exclusive to you, and will have no other advertisements on it.

  Your own additional Web page

produce page appr. 1.5 letter size $50.00 ea. once
process photo, logo 600 pix wide, max. $20.00 ea. once
text 1000 words included
host page 43.000 bytes $15.00/month

Please make cheques payable to: Web Services

Contact: Peter Weis
Business Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; Monday through Friday
Telephone: 250 - 382 - 1934
e-mail: [email protected]

Mailing Address: Web Services
#16 - 1498 Admirals Road
Victoria BC
V9A 2R1

apartments for rent Victoria BC

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