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health tips
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Health Tips - Index

health tips, Victoria BC
Besides including the full natural range of the 72+ trace elements in our daily nutrition - the very best and most powerful health foundation there is - we can do many simple little things which will greatly improve our health. Here you will find a whole bunch of little known, but very important tips which will go a long way to maintain and improve our health.

Among them, two beautiful natural air purifiers, a beautiful natural burn remedy, how to get rid of headaches forever - even what to do to survive a heart attack when alone.

INDEX - HEALTH TIPS in beautiful Victoria BC

  • two natural air purifiers
  • the best burn remedy of all
  • a natural antibiotic
  • carpets store pesticides !
  • breast milk raises IQ
  • 2 foods to avoid
  • heart attack self-help
  • drink tea
  • headache cure
  • the top ten anti-cancer foods
  • sore throat relief
  • smoking wrecks brain
  • a natural athletes foot remedy
  • natural menopause relief
  • how to take a pill
  • seaweed helps pimples, acne
  • Mozart helps epilepsy
  • good diet prevents wrinkles
  • for mothers
  • an effective remedy for Alzheimer's
  • tea fights Alzheimer's disease
  • recognizing a stroke
  • non toxic head lice remedy

  • Victoria BC, Health Tips

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