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Victoria BC

Victoria BC, Health News

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health and fitness Victoria BC, health news


Health News - Victoria BC

health and fitness Victoria BC, Health News
Here is abundant and formal scientific evidence that the stunning discovery I had made in 1985 is correct - evidence which is now ballooning, with new discoveries of the powerful health benefits of seafood coming in almost daily. We can now go ahead and actually heal and prevent many 'incurable' physiological and mental diseases - as well as many cancers - just by including one or more servings of seafood in our daily nutrition.

Because the complete natural range of the 72+ nutritional trace elements in seafood cures and prevents so many 'incurable' diseases and cancers - as now proven by many of the formal biomedical discoveries below - and is such a profound, powerful, completely natural, and supremely effective foundation of our health (see Supreme Health in these pages), you won't find any news regarding chemo-therapeutical drugs here.

What you will find here instead are the latest and rather powerful news about the most recent discoveries in the biomedical sciences in the rapidly growing field of the nutritional trace elements and "ultra trace elements", as well as nutritional and 'lifestyle" research - such as getting sufficient exercise, for instance - plus news about the health hazards of things we can eliminate from our personal environment, such as pesticides.

The reasons for this are very simple. In most cases, and with the exception of immunisation, chemo-therapeutical medications do not correct any condition; they just alleviate the symptoms, or make them bearable - like aspirin for headaches, for instance.

Therefore, the news posted here focus chiefly upon new discoveries about the nutritional trace elements - as a completely natural, far more powerful, supremely effective, and completely benign method - no nasty side effects - of curing and preventing an ever growing number of diseases, including many 'incurable' diseases and cancers.

INDEX - HEALTH NEWS in beautiful Victoria BC

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  • soy foods strengthen bones
  • linoleic acid reduces body fat
  • fish diet prevents many diseases!
  • zinc helps stem dirarrhea
  • mushrooms inhibit cancer
  • primrose oil helps PMS
  • superbugs rising in hospitals
  • chromium helps heart
  • chaste tree fruit helps PMS
  • fish effective against stroke
  • luscious thick hair
  • eggs are excellent
  • vitamins A & C prevent memory loss
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  • herbicides cause birth defects
  • monkey's proteins prevents HIV
  • doctors warn against pesticides!
  • you can't avoid this toxin
  • fish oil steadies heart beat

  • Victoria BC, Health News

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