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gardening tips
Victoria BC

gardening tips Victoria BC

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gardening tips Victoria BC


Gardening Tips

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Besides providing a 72+ trace elements fertilizer, such as fish or seaweed fertilizer - the very best and most powerful gardening foundation there is - (see "poison-free gardens") - here are a bunch of gardening tips which work wonders in the garden. Of course, all of them are as natural as can be, and make gardening a thing of pure joy.

Among them - the very best fertilizer there is (and it's completely free as well), Mother Nature's own planting clock, even the secret of a 'magic' green thumb for houseplants.

Gardening - in beautiful Victoria BC

  • the best fertilizer of all
  • a magic green thumb
  • Nature's planting clock
  • a simple watering test
  • lush gardens despite restrictions

    gardening tips

    Gardening Tips Victoria BC

    "beautiful Victoria at your fingertips"
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