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gardening articles
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gardening articles Victoria BC

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gardening articles Victoria BC

Welcome to the most wonderful way of gardening on this earth !



gardening articles Victoria BC
This is your introduction to a most wonderful way of "super" organic gardening with a series of gardening articles covering a year of totally poison free and fully biodynamic gardening, which is not only permanently sustainable, but gets richer and more fertile season by season and year by year. And best of all - besides being a lot less work - its produce also dramatically improves our health. It will even cure and prevent 'incurable' diseases.

Trace Element Deficiencies - Pesticides and Herbicides. Two major health issues face us today. The deficiency or lack of over 60 vitally important trace elements in all commercially grown food - the cause of many 'incurable' diseases and cancers - and the residues of agricultural poisons on and in our commercially grown food, as well as in our environment. This is an emergent major concern in the biomedical sciences - that these household and garden poisons severely harm our children, as they now have become the strongly implicated causes of ADD and Leukaemia in children, as well as of Parkinson's disease later on (CTV National News, May 27. 2000).

Massive Nurtrient Deficiencies. (Addendum July 20. 2002) To this we must now also add the massive and dramatic reduction of nutrients in today's produce over the last 50 years. Vitamin A has disappeared entirely from today's potatoes, for instance, also 57% of their vitamin C and Iron, 50% of their riboflavin, and 28% of their calcium. In the analysis, the biggest loser was broccoli, a food that epitomizes the dictates of healthy eating. All seven of its measurable nutrients declined, notably calcium, which fell 63%, and iron, which dropped 34%. Broccoli is often cited as an excellent source of calcium and iron (see "IT'S MUCH WORSE THAN I THOUGHT!" in these pages).

Transgenic Crops. Add to this the fact that much of our food is now derived from transgenic crops, and we have four very compelling reasons - for the sake of our priceless health - to grow as many of our own vegetables as we possibly can.

Make sure and see "supreme health", "the fundamentals" and "corn growing recommendations" in these pages for their powerful background information.

For all of these reasons, our chief focus here is the growing of vegetables, to enable people to grow their own organic and completely poison free vegetables containing the complete range of the 72+ natural trace elements for their own and their garden's supreme health - see "supreme health" in these pages. However, all the basic methods of fully biodynamic gardening given here also apply to flower gardens - with the same massive increase in health and abundance.

The organic gardening methods given here are very powerful. Vegetables grown by these methods not only restore the complete natural range of the 72+ nutritional trace elements to those who can grow their own year-round supply of vegetables - resulting in a dramatic increase in their own health - but they also make all agricultural poisons unnecessary.

This eliminates two profound threats to our health and well being. But that's not all; they also result in gardens that are not only permanently sustainable, but become richer and more fertile season by season, and year by year! It's true; you'll see. And if all this were not enough, they also result in a great increase in yield. And best of all, and to top it all off, they also require far less work and time than today's common chemical gardening methods. Finally, they also cost far less! (market gardeners - please take notice!)

Would you like to have beautifully lush, abundant, supremely healthy and, above all, completely poison free vegetable and flower gardens? And would you like to have all this with much less work, and at much less cost? Well, you've come to the right place. For this is exactly what you will find here - a very powerful - we'll come to this in a minute - totally organic and completely natural way of gardening which not only puts the sheer joy of gardening back into gardening, but also keeps you in life-long supreme health (see "supreme health" in these pages).

And if you are raising your own organic vegetables, you will also bask in the profound knowledge and joy that everything you have raised in your garden is not only supremely natural, but also supremely good for you and yours - and for everyone who partakes of your bounty.

Let's put it this way: When our youngest daughter picked a fresh pea pod in the garden and asked, "daddy, can I eat this?", I could say "yes, my love", and my heart lept with joy, for I knew that all in our gardens was as good as only Nature could make it, that only the sun, the wind, the rain and human hands had touched our vegetables, and that everything was as good as could be for us, for the garden, for Nature, for the Earth, and for the Fabric of Life that has woven it, and us, and all, together.

By following the biodynamic gardening method given here, you will also have the profound satisfaction of knowing that your gardens are not only permanently sustainable - but get richer and more fertile season by season, and year by year (see "the fundamentals" in these pages).

Now you will undoubtedly say, "hold on a minute here, I've never heard of this; this seems impossible". It isn't. In fact, it is exactly how good old Mother Nature works. You see, as little as 500 million years ago, the continents of the Earth were pure, barren rock; nothing but sheer rock and wind-driven sand, and not not a living thing, nor an iota of loam anywhere. And look at it now, or better yet, as it was a couple of hundred years ago - an incredibly rich and abundant Earth, teeming with a cornucopia of Life so great that flights of bird darkened the mid-day sun, that herds of bison stretched from horizon to horizon, and that fish crowded the bays so densely that one had the impression that one could walk across the bay on their backs. These are oft repeated eyewitness accounts of people in very recent history.

The Earth did indeed grow richer, more fertile, and more abundant season by season, and year by year - it's just our modern and simplistic N-P-K agriculture that works the other way around. But the increasing fertility and abundance of Nature did not happen by accident, nor by chance - as some would have you believe; not at all. What is behind all this is an immensely powerful, fundamental universal law; the law of "Progressive Complexity - the law that drives all Growth and evolution from simple beginnings to progressively higher levels of complexity (to whit, the growth from the relatively simple beginnings of a seed, or ovum - to the immense complexity of the fully grown mature plant, animal or human) - from one end of the universe to the other. This law arises - simply, elegantly and beautifully - out of the fist law of thermodynamics, the fundamental law of our universe. And this vast and immensely powerful law turns out to be the inseparable polar complement, or 'mirror twin', of the universal law of Decay. And this is the way it all works - universe, Life, gardens - the whole glorious shebang:


Simple, beautiful, elegant, intimately familiar - and powerful beyond all imagination; for this law has driven, and still does, the evolution of the whole universe itself. The full implications are mind boggling: Life and its evolution is a fundamental property of this universe. And this is only the first implication; all the other are even more mind boggling - such as The Meaning of Life (but this is another story).

This then is the vast and immensely powerful universal law which has transformed the Earth from an utterly barren and lifeless planet, to one teeming with a rich and abundant cornucopia of Life. And this same law and vast driving forces underlies these fully biodynamic gardening methods, which we engage here, in our favour, in our gardens. And our gardens will indeed get richer and more fertile season by season, and year by year. I have discovered this universal law, but only by default. For reasons which still baffle me no end, our scientists haven't bothered and are still exclusively stuck upon the law of Decay. And it is not that I've discovered this law and then developed these gardening methods. It was exactly the other way around. I've discovered it by gardening, and by pondering upon the driving forces of Growth and Progressive Complexity so obvious and right at hand to any gardener. In other words, Nature herself has shown me how it works.

These gardening articles were first published in "The Gulf Islands Driftwood" between 1979 and 1985, and quickly became the favourite feature of the "Driftwood", on an Island full of expert gardeners. A selection of 52 articles was subsequently published in my little book 'Weeds and Seeds" (Horsdahl and Schubart Publishers Ltd.), now long out of print. And since these articles will give all those with a garden the opportunity to raise their own fully organic, supremely healthy and completely poison free vegetables - and to commercial growers the opportunity to offer "super organic", supremely healthy, and completely poison free vegetables to the public (at a great increase of abundance and great reduction in costs) - I am re-publishing them here, re-written and updated where necessary, as well as some new articles, for ready and long-term availability in this fabulous new medium of the millennium.

Naturally, the powerful 'super' organic methods given here also apply to flower, greenhouse, balcony and indoor gardens. Only the details vary slightly, according to the kinds of flowers grown, and these can be easily obtained from the hundreds of flower gardening books, magazines and Web sites out there.
Happy "super" organic and totally poison free gardening!

Gardening Articles Victoria BC

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