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fashion tips
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fashion tips Victoria BC

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fashion tips, Victoria BC


Fashion Tips with Amanda Mandelli

fashion tips Victoria BC, chanel - spring 2004

Here is a golden opportunity for someone who knows fashion, loves fashion, has an acute fashion sense and loves to write about it, to achieve considerable local - as well as world wide - prominence as a fashion writer by sharing her passion with the fashionistas of our fair city, as well as with all the fashionable people around the world.

Don't believe it? The search for "fashion questions and anwers" on the Web and you'll find that we have 1st and 2nd place in Google, in Yahoo, in AOL, and 2nd and 3rd place in MSN. This is awesome exposure - something most web sites can only dream about.

The scene is set, the audience is waiting, and all we need is a local fashion fanatic to step into the spotlight, and let the drama of mainstream fashion weave its beguiling alure through the lives and loves of our lovely ladies.

Fashion Tips - for beautiful Victoria BC

Fashion Do's And Don'ts

While patterns are all the rage this season every woman should be careful trying to decide upon one. If you are a petite woman do be careful and opt for a lesser print or pattern. Taller women can take bigger prints with more contrasting colours. Larger, more voluptuous women benefit more from a low contrast design with monochromatic colour. While patterns are up to the minute, don't go overboard. Remember plain, solid colours accentuate the looks and personality of the woman wearing them, whereas patterns accentuate the body.

fashion tips, Victoria BC
Cropped jackets are sizzling this season, so by all means, do acquire one. Don't pair with pleated pants though, stick to flat fronts for a sleek look.

Be aware that the horizontal line of the bottom of jackets accents the hips, making them appear wider than they are. If this is not what you want, avoid all jackets - including suit jackets - which end in the hip region. On the other hand, if accentuating the hips is a good thing for you, by all means wear jackets which end in the hip region.

Textured stockings are the way to go, don't couple them with fussy ensembles. Try a tailored black suit.

Do give up those white hose, if your outfit calls for lighter leggings stick to sheer smoke colored stockings.

And do give up those unsightly chunky/stacked heels. They may have been in style, but have never been becoming. Stick with pointed toe stilettos. They are much more classy and chic.

Do try to change with fashion. Staying the same is so humdrum, but don't overdo it. You don't want to look like a fashion experiment gone bad.

Do change your accessories, even if you are not a leading light on the fashion scene, a swift change of accessories can make for a phenomenal change in the appearance of your wardrobe.

Don' t buy clothes that do not fit precisely. When you are in a dressing room and that amazing dress you wish for is a smidgen tight, do not deceive yourself by thinking that no one else will notice. You will be much happier in clothes that fit correctly.

Do mix and match styles. While it is nice to have a personal or signature style, we have to be careful not to get caught in fashion ruts. It is always fun to reinvent yourself with fashion.

Do focus on colour, it is the center of spring fashion. Don't pick colours that are not suitable for you. Go to a cosmetic counter and have a colour analysis done. The wrong colours can make the most attractive clothes appear dire on us.

Don't wear thong shoes the minute spring arrives. Do give them a rest, at least until high summer.

Do buy a sculpted suit with a body-enhancing cut that flatters your figure.

Do get in the mood for spring with bold printed mini dresses.

Amanda Mandelli

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Amanda Mandelli's fashion tips are copyright Amanda Mandelli

Fashion Tips, Victoria BC

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