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Fashion Questions & Answers

fashion questions and anwers
cathy pill, summer 2007

Here is a golden opportunity for someone who knows fashion, loves fashion, has an acute fashion sense and loves to write about it, to achieve considerable local - as well as world wide - prominence as a fashion writer by sharing her passion with the fashionistas of our fair city, as well as with all the fashionable people around the world.

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The scene is set, the audience is waiting, and all we need is a local fashion fanatic to step into the spotlight, and let the drama of mainstream fashion weave its beguiling alure through the lives and loves of our lovely ladies.

Fashion Questions with Amanda Mandelli

Dear Amanda;
Subject: Open Toed Shoes
I am hoping you can help me find an answer to a question that is ripping our family apart. My sister is getting married on Feb. 14th. Our dresses are floor length strapless gowns and we have decided to go with a strappy open toed shoe. The problem is deciding whether we sould be wearing hosiery or not. I am of the opinion that this is a fashion no-no. I think it is extremely tacky to wear hose with open toed shoes. The brides mother insists that we must wear hosiery in a Feb. wedding. I think we have already blown the cold weather consideration out of the water by choosing strapless dresses but this decision is really causing a riff between the women involved in the planning of this event. Please respond ASAP. I really appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks so much!!!
Hannah Lawrence;

Dear Hannah;
I am sure the bride's mother is not going to be pleased to hear that you are absolutely right! If cold weather is a factor in her decision to require the wedding party to wear hosiery with open toed shoes then she should have also opted to leave out the strapless gowns, which should in fact, not be worn with closed toed shoes at events such as weddings. Other than "white shoes" after Labor day, this is one of the most divisive fashion faux pas. I think that she is going to have to either reconsider the open toed shoes or lose her battle over the hosiery. I am sure that everything will turn out great!
Until next time;

Dear Amanda;
Subject: Open Toed Shoes
Seems silly to have toes covered with nylons when wearing open strappy dress shoes for evening. Please advise.

I am glad to be the one to tell you that you are correct on this matter! Open toed shoes should not be worn with nylons. It would be like wearing a body stocking with a bikini; ugh; shudder; begorra!!

If there is a question of whether or not you are going to be cold, you need to leave off the open toed shoes, not add on the nylons.
Until next time,
Amanda Mandelli

Dear Amanda;
I recently bought a pair of white patent leather knee high boots with a black stiletto heel. It is winter where I live. Can I wear them? Thank you.
Confused about white.

Dear Confused about white:
Ah, the ever controversial white shoe issue. Let me start from the beginning. Most of our mothers used to tell us that we absolutely could not wear white between September and May and no patent leather in the winter at all. One night I was watching the popular television series, "Sex and the City", which fashion fanatics watch religiously because of the great threads that the girls wear, and out walks the main character "Carrie" on a Dolce and Gabbana runway in the dead of winter in a navy blue overcoat and white stilettos. It blew my mind because she looked so great.

My advice to you? Do not do it! While the patent leather only in the summer rule has slowly turned to all year round, white has not. When looking in magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan and watching runway shows it is easy for confusion to set in, because they are showing white shoes in their January issues. One thing that we tend to forget is that they are advertising for the upcoming season, not the current one.

So, put those white boots away for a few more months, but breathe easy knowing that, since we are reliving the 60's in the spring of 2004, you are going to look up-to-the-minute chic in your new stilettos!

Until next time,
Amanda Mandelli

Dear Amanda,
I own a number of checked (houndstooth) and paisley jackets. Are they still in style for business?
Thank you.

Dear Beth
It sounds like you are in luck, but the first thing you need to decide is if your jackets have a "dated" air about them. By that I mean, are the paisley patterns old and boring or do they still have a fresh face? Also, are the cuts and makes of the jackets still flattering to you? Paisley is truly immense for spring and hounds tooth is a classic that comes and goes on runways but stands solid in the professional world. Sometimes we have to be careful because we tend to become partial to things that we have bought in the past, but to me it sounds like you are right on track.

Until next time,
Amanda Mandelli

Dear Amanda,
Can you wear open toe shoes in winter If so can you go bare or what type of stockings should you wear. Thanks

Dear Thanks
In the last few years it has become totally acceptable, even a fashion trend to wear open toed shoes in the winter. In most cases though, they should be worn in the evening. Open toed or strappy shoes should never be worn with nylons however.

Until next time,
Amanda Mandelli

Dear Amanda,
I like to wear black, because I believe it is more slimming. I have a pair of black slacks and several black blouses and sweaters, but it seems my slacks are a shade lighter than all of my shirts. Is this okay to wear or do the blacks need to be the same shade?
Lisa Ustick

Dear Lisa,
Black is a very hard colour to match. It seems that everything black in my closet is a slightly different colour. What I like to do is put the whole outfit on and go to a window or outside for direct sunlight and look at how the two pieces compare. There are definitely some times when you can get by with two colours of black, like when the fabrics are the same, or when they are absolute different shades of black and they match or contrast well. However, most times slightly different shades of black are not going to allow your to look your very best. However, a black suit, let's say, would be perfectly elegant with a grey shirt for instance.

Until next time,
Amanda Mandelli

Dear Amanda
I am a tall woman with a high waist and a 35" inseam. I can never find pants that are high enough in the waist or long enough in length. I've been told that most women's pants are made with a 32" inseam. Do you know of any brands (both denim and other) that make a longer pant? I'd love to find brands the size by waist AND length!
Fed up with Floods

Dear Fed up with Floods,
Generally those of us under 5' 5" wish we were taller. What we do not see is how absolutely hard it is to find trousers that fit precisely and are not too short, but no worries, you have quite a few options. For great denim in an array of styles, cuts and colours, Silver Jeans are great. They can be found in small boutiques and at a variety of places on the Internet.

For a more specific and classic selection, I would recommend Lands End. They have outlet and retail stores all over the world and you can also buy them very easily on-line at On their web site they have a "tall women" section. They have many styles of chinos, trousers, slacks and jeans with 35" inseams. Their prices range from $29.00 to $75.00. They offer slim, natural and relaxed cuts. For you I would most likely recommend their natural cut since they do sit considerably higher on the waist. They also have a section in which you can order custom fit pants. These would give you the chance to create your own pant and therefore get a more personalized fit.

fashion questions Victoria BC, with Amanda Mandelli
ll bean
Some other web sites you could visit are LL Bean at "" who offer great looking casual gear for tall girls as well, as does Tall Couture at "" who offer pants with an up to 36" inseam. Another solution would be to find a local seamstress and have your pants custom made for you.

Until next time,
Amanda Mandelli

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